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4 tips that will improve your videos

Do you want your videos to be more attractive? Here we give you a series of recommendations for you to put into practice:

Take advantage of the rhythm of music
It is common to edit videos with music. But do you ever pay attention to the rhythm it sets? A trick that can bring vitality to your work is to take advantage of the rhythm changes of the melody. Use the strong beats of the song to change planes or to add effects or texts.

audio libraries
Due to copyright rights, the different platforms and social networks act in different ways, either they block the audio of the video, they tell us that what is monetized will benefit the original author of the song, or they directly eliminate the video, without prior notice. .
To avoid this type of situation, there are audio libraries such as the YouTube audio library. But if you want to get away from the songs that everyone uses, we advise you to take a look at FMA (Free Music Archive) whose audio tracks you can use, even for commercial purposes.

video content
The public is interested in seeing something that communicates, entertains or tells an interesting story. So try to draw a script and try to get to the point of the story so as not to bore the audience. To make it easier for you, write down everything you can think of on a topic in a notebook or make an outline of what is going to go in each scene.

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If you can’t think of what to record, you can always take a look at what is being talked about on social networks, what is trending topic, you can also go to the news or see what people search for the most on Google. For the latter, Answerthepublic or Google Trends are two excellent tools.

Another way to get inspiration for your content is to watch the videos that others make. Look at their statistics, which videos have been viewed the most. For this you have another excellent tool that serves as an extension to your Chrome browser called VIDIQ. Here you will know the statistics of the competition.

Attention to detail
It is very important not only what we are going to record but how. What are the approaches, lights and other techniques necessary to make your video impressive. In this way, when recording quality material, its post-production will be easier.

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