9 secrets to make beautiful Instagram photos + 10 examples

How to make beautiful instagram photo ? How to make good instagram photo? Succeed in your instagram post. 10 Example instagram photo.

It is essential to learn how to use Instagram if you want to succeed on this platform where there is more competition every day, but the basis of this social network remains photography.

These days, phone photography is capable of some pretty impressive feats. Learning how to take incredible photos using only your phone is the best way to stand out and make your mark on Instagram.

In this article, you’ll learn how to take a great insta photo using only your phone, and we’ve also included some Instagram photo ideas to inspire you.


Learning how to take good photos on your phone requires understanding some basic principles of composition and lighting, and honing your own photographic instincts. Here are the 9 simple rules you need to follow to make the most beautiful Instagram photos.



Step 1: Use natural light

Lighting is the foundation of a good Instagram photo. Understanding how to use light is the first and most important rule to get great photos using only your phone.

Avoid using your flash in favor of natural light, which creates richer, brighter photos.

A flash can flatten your photo and wash out your subject. If you can’t take pictures outside, take them near windows or in well-lit rooms. Even at night, it’s best to find sources of ambient light, such as streetlights and store windows.


Step 2: Don’t overexpose your images

You can brighten a photo that’s too dark with editing tools, but nothing can fix an overexposed photo.

Prevent overexposure by adjusting the lighting on your screen: tap and drag your finger up or down to adjust the exposure.

Another way to prevent overexposure is to tap your finger on the brightest part of the frame (in the case above, that would be the windows) to adjust the lighting before taking your photo.


Step 3: Take a great picture at the right time

There’s a reason photographers love the golden hour. This time of day, when the sun is low on the horizon, makes every photo more beautiful.

If you’re photographing at noon, the clouds are your friends. It’s hard to get a good photo in direct sunlight. Clouds diffuse the sunlight and create a softer, more flattering effect.

If you want to take great Instagram photos, plan to get up early, your shots will only look better.


Step 4: Follow the rule of thirds

Composition refers to the layout of a photo: the shapes, textures, colors, and other elements that make up your images.

The rule of thirds is one of the best-known compositional principles for making beautiful photos, and refers to a simple method for balancing your image. It divides an image into a 3Γ—3 grid, and aligns the subjects or objects in a photo along the grid lines to create balance.

Here is an example of an Instagram photo where the photo is centered:

But you can also get a nice effect with a “balanced asymmetry”, where the subject is off center, but balanced by another object. In this case, the flowers are arranged in the lower right area of the photo, and are balanced by the sun in the upper left corner.

Tip: Turn on your camera’s grid lines in settings and use them to practice aligning your photos.


Step 5: Think about your point of view

When you take a picture with your phone, you’re probably holding it at eye level and taking a picture, right? That’s what everyone else does, too. Resist this natural tendency if you want to take interesting and unexpected photos.

Taking pictures from a different perspective will give you new perspectives, even when it’s a familiar place or subject. Try taking photos from above or below, crouching on the ground or climbing a wall (if you’re feeling ambitious).

Don’t break your leg chasing the perfect shot, but challenge yourself to see things from a different perspective. The Instagram photos you get might bluff you into imagining a new Instagram feed.


Step 6: Frame your topic

Leaving space around the focal point of your photo can add more visual interest than zooming in. Sometimes you get a surprising detail that makes the insta photo even better, like the moon in the sky in this photo :

Unlike a camera with an adjustable lens, the camera on your phone “zooms in” by narrowing your field of view. In fact, you’re only pre-framing your image. This can limit your ability to edit later, and you may miss interesting details, so avoid doing this.


Step 7: Use guidelines

In photography, “leading lines” are lines that run through your image that catch the eye and add depth. These can be roads, buildings, or natural features like trees and waves.

Keep an eye on the background lines and use them to add movement or purpose to your photo.

You can use the lines to direct your follower’s eye to your subject, like in this Instagram photo example:


Step 8: Adding depth

It’s easy to focus solely on the subject of your photo, whether it’s a person or a beautiful slice of pizza. But photos that have layers, with patterns or objects in the background as well as the foreground, are naturally interesting because they offer more depth. Take the time to look at this beautiful Instagram photo :

Rather than just cropping the flowers, it also includes the railing behind them, a tree beyond, and then a sunset and the horizon. Each layer of the photo offers something to look at that draws you in.



Step 9: Get creative with stylish Instagram photos

Some photos on Instagram are so popular that they become clichΓ©s, inspiring an entire Instagram account devoted to repetitive images. Don’t get so caught up in Instagram’s photography trends that you lose your creativity.

You want to stand out from other brands on Instagram, so always challenge yourself to find a fresh angle on a common subject. This will also help you establish a distinct and memorable brand identity.

Now that you know how to make great Instagram photos, let us show you 10 Instagram photo ideas and examples that might inspire you.


10 Instagram photo ideas

Now that you understand the principles of photography and know how to make good instagram photo, let’s talk about topics.

Certain topics and themes perform well on Instagram because they offer great visual appeal and interest. Take note of this, because posting engaging content increases your visibility on Instagram.

Here are some examples of photographs you can post on Instagram:

1. Symmetry

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye, whether it appears in nature or in the man-made world. Symmetrical composition often enhances a subject that might not otherwise be exciting.


You can also break up your symmetry to add interest. In this photo, the bridge creates vertical symmetry while the trees and sunlight break it up.


2. Patterns

Our brains love patterns too. Some Instagram accounts have even accumulated huge amounts of followers by posting only pictures of beautiful patterns like I Have This Thing With Floors.

Our universal love of patterns also explains the viral appeal of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s mirrored rooms, which create infinitely repetitive patterns of simple shapes and colors :

Look around you for inspiration. Architecture, design, and nature are all sources of fascinating patterns to make a good Instagram photo.


3. Vibrant colors

Minimalism and neutral photos are all the rage, but sometimes we just want a little color. Bright, rich colors make us happy and give us energy. And when it comes to Instagram photography, they make a big impact on a small screen.

They can even make a building look beautiful :


4. Humor

If you want to be depressed about the state of the world, go to Twitter.

Instagram is a happy place, which means that humor and derision are welcome. Especially in contrast to the perfectly composed and edited photos that proliferate on the platform. Funny photos are a breath of fresh air for your audience, and they show that you don’t take it all too seriously. That doesn’t mean you can’t make beautiful Instagram photos.


5. Action candidate

It’s hard to capture a subject in motion, which is what makes it so impressive. A compelling action shot is exciting and striking. It turns even an ordinary subject into something beautiful :

You don’t always have to strive for perfection either. Sometimes a little blurred movement adds an artistic and dreamy touch:

When taking action shots, choose several options to increase your chances of getting a stunning photo. You can use burst mode (by holding down the button on your camera) to take 10 photos per second.


6. Detail shots

A sharp focus on an unexpected or interesting detail can draw attention, especially in a dynamic and busy photo stream. This offers a sense of calm and serenity.

Using Instagram editing tools, such as vignetting (which softens the edges of the photo) or tile shifting (which creates a slight blur around your focal point) can improve photo details.

Take your photo up close to preserve the quality. Taking a photo from a distance and cropping it lowers the resolution of the image, resulting in grainy, dull photos that hurt your brand. Make sure you post images that are sized appropriately for Instagram.


7. Captivating backgrounds

This is a simple technique, but it works: take advantage of awesome background!

The more creative your background is, the better. As in this Instagram photo example, a great background can be the perfect complement to a product promotion post.


8. Animals

Some things are true, even if we don’t really understand why. Yawns are contagious. Light is both a particle and a wave. Instagram photos are better if there is a cute animal in them.

It would be fair to say that this is the least complicated tip in this article, but it may be one of the most effective for having a stylish Instagram photo. But if you have an adorable puppy at your disposal, it would be a mistake not to post a photo of him.


9. Food

Food photos have now become a classic on Instagram, but not everyone knows how to do them. With the previous photo tips we’ve given you, there’s no reason not to get them right.

The secret to a great food photo? Shoot from above, take advantage of the photogenic environment, and use natural light. The latter is especially important because the people eating next to you definitely don’t want to be interrupted by your flash.


10. The People

Research has shown that people love looking at faces on Instagram. In fact, photos with people in them are up to 38% more liked than photos without.
To take a stunning portrait, follow the principles above: use natural light, choose an attractive background and explore shooting from different angles to get a more interesting photo. Some phones even have a portrait mode, which optimizes lighting and focus. Then there’s no secret to know about poses for your Instagram photos, just be natural.



I hope this article helped you understand how to take the best Instagram photos with your phone. By applying the steps explained up above you’ll learn how to use Instagram to perfection to get more followers. Master the techniques to grow your Instagram account faster and show the world your photography skills.



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