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6 Premiere Pro Video Editing Tricks You Probably Won’t Use

No matter how much experience you have editing with Premiere Pro, there are sure to be functions that you don’t even know exist, especially because new ones are included with updates. That’s not counting the number of shortcuts, tricks and solutions that there are to solve problems and make editing more agile.


the ALT key

Have you ever stopped to think how many functions this simple key has? With it you can: isolate video and audio clip, rearrange clips on your timeline, duplicate your clip, etc. It also covers a wide range of ways to speed up editing. You just have to take a look at the keyboard shortcuts and see how many operations it is present in.


The Command + Drag (or Control + Drag on PC) shortcut is another easy way to save time. Thanks to this keyboard shortcut you will be able to move clips around your timeline. This will allow you to apply audio and video transitions depending on what you select.


The “Item” or “Item” button hasn’t always existed in Premiere Pro. The button gives you quick access to a number of different functions, including creating a new sequence, adjustment layer, title, title, color matte, and count leader universal, as well as adding bars and tone, black video and transparent video. These features are not new to Premiere Pro users, but the button next to the folder icon provides faster access to these features.

noise removal

Sometimes a shot with ambient sound is recorded in which a sound is identified as the hum of an air conditioner running. To remove that unwanted noise, you’ll need to take the audio clip and move it to Audition. Once you have done this, click on the time selection tool and find a part of the clip that has no dialogue. Then go to Effects > Noise Reduction/Restoration > Capture Noise Impression, then click anywhere on the timeline. Now go back to Effects > Noise Reduction / Restoration > Noise Reduction. Then set the reduction percentage to 65 and kept the decibel level at fifteen or go doing tests according to the noise you want to reduce.

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dynamic clipping

This is used to trim each clip frame by frame, without affecting your timeline. Once you’ve found where you want to cut, press «T” and later Alt /Option> Left Arrow either right.

This will move the slice to the left or right and change its duration without affecting other clips. This is a great way to avoid awkward and imprecise cuts.

logo animation

It is about animating a pre-existing logo. As for the workflow, it is quite simple. You can add a basic 3D effect, spin, and some lens flare. Pretty simple stuff, right? Of course, then there is the possibility of animating a logo by individual parts and with more advanced movements, but here we would already require Adobe After Effects.

What do you think of these Premiere Pro hacks? Which one are you going to try first? Do you know of any other editing tricks in Adobe Premiere that make your workflow more streamlined?

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