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Adobe XD: You Can Now Integrate Videos Into Your Prototypes

Lottie video and animation support

Here’s some news that should make people happy: now, Adobe XD allows you to include videos as well as Lottie animations in a project. The goal is to allow users to create more realistic prototypes, which are closer to the final rendering. Previously, it was necessary to add a screenshot to simulate an animated file, which made the experience less smooth.

The ability to include movement in prototypes via videos and animations was eagerly awaited by the Adobe community. As proof, the feature garnered more than 11,500 votes on UserVoice (the third-party platform that allows users to submit new features), which propelled it to the number 1 rank of the most anticipated functions.

How to Add Lottie Videos and Animations on Adobe XD

While creating a mockup, you can embed videos and animations which can be played in preview mode or when you share a link.

To import animated files, simply drag and drop directly onto the design canvas. Once added, you can modify your video or animation: media behavior (looping file, autoplay, trigger, etc.), video editing (cutting, customizing thumbnail, degree of transparency, etc.), sound management…

You can customize the behavior of your Lottie video files and animations.© Adobe

Other new Adobe XD features announced

Other features announced at Adobe MAX 2021 for XD include:

  • LottieFiles plug-in for Adobe XD: Adobe includes a new extension that provides free access to a large Lottie animation database,
  • Sharing feature on Behance: it is now possible to share your prototypes directly on Behance, in order to complete a portfolio or collect opinions,
  • Organization of assets: you can group your elements (colors, text styles, components, etc.) in your library to further organize designing.
  • Improved export quality: Adobe XD offers more flexibility regarding the different possibilities of exporting images.
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