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Material classes in 3D Studio Max

When we are going to texture the different elements designed in 3D Studio Max, we do not use a single material for the entire scene. In fact, different types of textures are used depending on the result we want to achieve.

Did you know that in 3D Max there are different types of materials? Each of them has a different use. The main reason for this is that there is no material that is versatile and works for everything. Next, we will list those materials that are considered main:

  • standard is the default material. It is a versatile surface model with a large number of options.
  • ray tracing allows you to create Raytrace reflections and refractions. In addition, it supports fog, color density, translucency, fluorescence, and other special effects.
  • Architectural provides a physically accurate material. It is specially designed to be used with the default detailed renderer and radiosity.
  • the materials of mental ray they are supplied for use with the mental ray renderer.
  • Matte/Shadow is a material specific to turning an object into a matte object that displays the current environment map. Matte objects are not visible in the scene, but can have shadows cast on them from other objects.
  • The housing material used to save and view rendered textures.
  • Advanced lighting replacement material is used to adjust the effect of a material in radiosity or Light Tracer solutions.
  • lightscape material helps import and export data from the Lightscape product.
  • The Ink ‘n Paint material gives a comic strip look to objects.
  • The Material DirectX 9 Shader allows you to shade objects in viewers using DirectX 9 (DX9) shaders. To use it you need a DirectX 9 compatible display driver and have the Direct3D display driver active.
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There are many other types of materials such as those for composition or those linked with the renderer. Are you interested in achieving better results in your 3D projects?

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