Work faster with Procreate by knowing these simple tips

Tips to know in Procreate to work fast and have better results

Work faster with Procreate by knowing these simple tips
Tips to know in Procreate to work fast and have better results
Just installed Procreate on your iPad and want to draw like a pro? Start by learning these tips. The rest will come later!



1. Zoom

To zoom in, it’s like with your phone, you have to pinch with your index finger and thumb.


2. Rotating the image

To rotate the image and work in any direction, pinch with your index finger and thumb while rotating.


3. Return to full screen

Quickly pinch (like you would pinch someone…) to return to full screen.
The screen will return to full screen vertically or horizontally, depending on which position was closest when you pinched.


4. Undo a mistake (The equivalent of CTRL-Z or undo).

Tap with two fingers to undo what you just did.


5. To undo what you have just undone (CTRL-Y OR REDO)

If you undid too much and want to redo what you did, tap on the screen quickly with three fingers.


6. Grouping layers

If you’ve finished an element and want to, for example, group the sketch, shadows and light, grab the layers between your fingers and bring them together to combine them.


7. No more overlapping

If you have elements and highlights to add, but don’t want to go beyond the edges of your sketch, lock the alpha channel by selecting your layer.


8. Draw a straight line (or a circle, a curve or another shape)

To draw a perfectly straight line, draw a line in any direction and hold down your finger or pencil. The line will straighten out.
The same thing can be done with an ellipse or triangle. If you want your ellipse to become a perfect circle, simply press down on the screen with a second finger and release the first finger before the second.


9. Switch from pencil to eraser in one second

To switch from pencil to eraser on an iPad Pro with a second-generation pencil, I’m told you can tap the screen twice with the pencil.


10. Remove the tools from the screen

To remove the tools from the screen and draw in full screen, tap the screen with four fingers.


11. Zoom in on a selected object

If an object is small and difficult to handle, you can zoom in on it without changing its size by holding down the arrow while zooming in.


12. Get a perfect white or black quickly

It is sometimes difficult in the color wheel to get pure white or pure black. To get them without having to play around in the settings, select a color near the one you are looking for and double-click on the small circle in your selection.


13. Export the evolution of your work

Export 30-second timelapse videos to see the progress. It’s cool and looks something like this.


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