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Modifiers in 3D Studio Max

One of the tools that 3D Studio Max has available are modifiers. These will allow the object to be altered in different aspects: geometry, mapping, animation.

To apply a modification, we must remember that in 3D Studio Max there are different types of selection.


Also, we have to take into account that we will not be able to select elements that are on different levels. Thus, if we are in the sublevel of segments of an object we will not be able to select or modify segments of other objects that are not segments of the selected object. Let’s look at some sublevels:

  • A line has three sublevels: vertex, segment, spline.
  • The sharpen modifier has three sublevels: gizmo and center.
  • An editable mesh has as sublevels: vertex, edge, face, polygon, element.

So in order to edit the different geometries we will move through the different levels and sublevels.

Modifiers in 3D Studio Max

Types of modifiers

one- Basic parametric deformers.

  • bend: bend
  • sharpen: taper
  • Stretch: stretch
  • push: push
  • Twist: Twist
  • Reduce: Squeeze
  • Skew: skew.
  • Noise: noise
  • Spherify: spherify

two- Freeform deformations.

  • 2x2x2 FFDs, 3x3x3 FFDs and 4x4x4 FFDs
  • FFD (box and FFD (cyl)

Within these modifiers we must use the following options to get the result we are looking for.

  • Extrude: extrude. You will create a volume from a shape.
  • Lathe: lathe will create the shape by turning the object.
  • Bevel: bevel It will allow us to round the corners.
  • Bevel profile: bevel profile. It is similar to extrusion.

There are many more modifiers. Here we have only mentioned some of the most used when making the objects to be included in a composition.

At first, it may seem a bit complicated, because there are so many menus. But soon you will discover that some of these menus are repeated often.

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