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Adobe MAX 2021: The List Of New Features

Find all the new features launched by Adobe on the software in its suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, XD, Premiere Pro or After Effects.


What’s new in Photoshop

This is the major innovation announced by Adobe: Photoshop is now available in a simplified version accessible on the web. New neural filters and improvements to the object selection tool are also announced, as well as new features on iPad.

Photoshop on the web

Already available on desktop, iPad and mobile, the reference photo editing software for professionals is now available in a simplified version in your browser, via Chrome and Edge. Concretely, you benefit from basic editing functionalities to make quick changes to your images, without having to launch or install the tool on your computer. To facilitate collaborative work, Photoshop on the web allows you to easily share the URL of your images to the various stakeholders (collaborators, customers, etc.), who will be able to provide comments, in order to move your project forward.

Photoshop on the web: Access Adobe’s software on your browser

New neural filters, improved object selection tool

Unveiled last year during the previous edition of Adobe MAX, new neural filters (Neural filters) are added in Photoshop to save you time during your photo editing:

  • Landscape Mixer : to combine two landscape photos into a single image,
  • Color Transfer : to apply the colors of a reference photo to another visual,
  • Harmonization : to match the color and tone of an element of a layer with another.

Improvements are also made to already existing neural filters in Photoshop, namely Depth Blur (more natural blurred background), Superzoom (over an entire image), Style Transfer (from the style of famous artists, such as Picasso, Van Gogh…), Colorize (with more vivid and natural colors).

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The Landscape Mixer neural filter is available in beta on Photoshop. © Adobe

For its part, Photoshop’s object selection tool makes it easier to identify the elements of a photo on mouseover. You also have the possibility to easily generate masks for each of the elements detected in the same layer.

Easily select multiple elements from the same image in Photoshop. © Adobe

Other features of Photoshop on desktop and iPad

Note that Photoshop on desktop offers new types of gradients, better command management and even interoperability between Photoshop and Illustrator. On tablets, the software now supports Calera Raw files to import and adjust your photos (light, colors, details, optics, etc.) taken with an iPhone 12 or 13 Pro, or your digital camera.

Good news: Camera Raw files are supported by Photoshop on the iPad. © Adobe

Other features added to Photoshop on iPad:

  • The conversion of layers into dynamic objects,
  • The tools Dodge and Burn to lighten or darken a photo,
  • Better management of comments (also available on desktop).

Photoshop news: web version, addition of neural filters, improved object selection…

New in Illustrator

Several features are unveiled for Illustrator on the iPad, such as Vectorize : “ the next evolution of image tracing that lets you convert any image into a crisp vector graphic with improved precision and control “. On desktop, improvements are made to 3D effects and a large material library is added to Adobe Substance 3D.

Just like Photoshop, a version of Illustrator is launched on the web, on the occasion of Adobe MAX 2021. Your files are accessible directly from your browser to make quick modifications and collaborate with your team or your customers wherever you are. be. Note that Illustrator on the web is currently available in private beta upon registration.

Find a series of features in the version of Illustrator on the web! © Adobe

Lightroom news

New updates are rolling out for Lightroom and Lightroom Classic (on all devices). You can now easily and more precisely select a specific section of your image to make changes.

Create more complex and precise selections with multiple masks, including using color and luminance masks. This enhanced experience is rolling out to all devices, letting you easily select the areas of the photo you want to edit without any hassle or fiddling, Adobe says.

Among other featured features, Select Subject & Select Sky allow you to create more precise selections, so you can better identify the subject and the sky in your photo. New crop overlays are offered, as well as presets shared by the Lightroom community are now suggested for you to enhance your shot.

Mask creation is improved with more precise selection in Lightroom. © Adobe

What’s New XD

Adobe XD now supports Lottie videos and animations in your projects, allowing you to achieve even more realistic prototypes that are closer to final rendering. You will therefore no longer need to add a screen capture to simulate an animated file. This new functionality was particularly awaited by the users of the software, which also brings improvements on the quality of export of the files. It also allows you to group all your assets in your library (colors, text styles, components, etc.).

Lottie videos and animations are supported in XD! © Adobe

Adobe XD: you can now integrate videos into your prototypes

What’s New in Premiere Pro and After Effects

On the video editing side, Adobe is launching new tools, which allow you to save time during video editing work. So the function Speech-to-Text, recently launched to automatically generate a transcript of a clip, offers faster performance and can be used offline on Premiere Pro. With Simplify Sequenceyou can get a copy of your clean footage, without the tracks you don’t use, making it easy to export your video projects.

Introduced during the launch of the previous public beta, multi-frame rendering is now deployed on After Effects. The plus: the processing time to render your video is accelerated, with performance up to 4 times faster! Other new features in After Effects include: Speculative Preview (the automatic rendering of compositions in the background), Composition Profiler (the highlighting of layers and effects in your compositions), or a render tail redesigned, with the ability to receive notifications on your smartphone when your renders are complete.

Simplify Sequence lets you get a clean copy of your sequence. © Adobe

What’s New in Premiere Pro: Improved Speech to Text, Remix Function, Simplified Sequence Editing

New shared spaces to facilitate collaborative work

Adobe is launching two new spaces: Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas. The American publisher presents them as ” shared repositories where everyone on your team can access and organize files, libraries, and links, so you can easily manage access and centrally collaborate. ” With Creative Cloud Spacesyou centralize all your resources in the same place in a space shared with your team. Creative Cloud Canvas offers a new way to display and visualize your project to review the creative work done and explore new ideas together, in real time in your browser.

Explore new ideas with your collaborators using Creative Cloud Canvas! © Adobe

Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas are currently available in a private beta version upon registration. Adobe says they will roll out to all users sometime next year.

Source: Adobe

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