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Everything You Need To Know About Video Formats

If you are one of those who normally work with video files, you may have realized that there are multiple formats of the same. How many video formats do you know? Surely you are familiar with names like MP4, H264, MOV, FLV, SWF… But let’s go by parts.

The first thing we should point out is that although they are different formats, they all have in common that they are made up of three elements or components:

  • The video and its corresponding codec. The latter is necessary for the encoding and decoding of the file, which allows compressed to compress the file. In this way, its weight is reduced.
  • The audio, that is sound. This will also have different formats: MP3, AIFF (barely without compression, which makes them very heavy), AAC (Advanced Audio Coding, is usually used in Surround or surround sounds), Windows Media Audio (Windows format).
  • file or file itself that supports the two previous elements.

video formats

AVI it is one of the first formats that was used. It was designed by Microsoft and still has a huge presence.

ASF and WMV they are another type of format that has the advantage of storing data over keeping digital records.

MOV it is a format developed by Apple for QuicTime. The MOV is common to see in videos recorded by digital cameras or digital video.

FLV (Flash Video) is the one developed by Flash and is more oriented to web pages.

mkv Surely on the internet when you have gone to view a series or movie you have come across this format. It is a multimedia container that supports any type of content (movies, 3D animation, video games…). This is played on computers and televisions that have a multimedia equipment.

MP4 or H.264 It is the most widely used today, especially for its versatility. It can be seen both on mobile devices and on the computer. In addition, it allows you to encode the video in any type of resolution. And, especially if you are going to work with a video that has to work on different media, this is undoubtedly your format, H.264.

It is in this last format that we advise you to export your video projects. This way you will not have any problem when viewing them.

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