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How to make an intro for YouTube?

If you are one of those who have something to show the world, surely you have considered creating a YouTube channel. Also, if you are one of those who likes to edit video, try new effects for sequences or compositions, it could be useful to create a channel to receive feedback from people and find out if they like it or not.

Surely you have noticed that many youtubers have their own channel header or intro. This also happens with television series, programs, cartoons, etc. They all have their header.

On the other hand, if you include the same intro to each video you make, you will be able to give the channel a much more professional look, in addition to making it easier for the user to see what the video is about. But sometimes the hard part is getting inspired. But let’s go by parts.

What is an intro?

We have mentioned this term several times, but we have not defined it. An intro is a series of clips or a composition that is placed at the beginning of each video and that is used to introduce the topic that you are going to cover. It is recommended to do in Photoshop or a similar program to make the thumbnail or image that will be shown in the video index. This usually has a measurement of 1280 x 720 dpi.

Both, both intro and thumbnailTheir mission is to capture the attention of users. YouTube to arouse the interest of the public and thus increase the viewing of that video that has taken you so many hours to make. Therefore, it is important to impact from the first second.

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Elements that are usually incorporated in the intros:

  • Channel or company logo.
  • Texts indicating the name of the channel and the topic to be discussed.
  • Other elements: music, effects, graphics and everything you can think of.

Where to look for inspiration?

What usually costs the most is deciding what you want to do. For this, a good source of inspiration is to see what others are doing. However, going channel by channel can be long and tedious. Therefore, we suggest you take a look at the following websites specialized in intros.

  • flixpress
  • LightMV
  • panzoids
  • IntroMaker
  • Tube Arsenal
  • IntroChamp
  • fiverr
  • iVidID
  • renderforest

As you have seen, the most striking intros are paid. Another disadvantage is that you don’t have absolute control over the video since they don’t let you download the original file and you can only edit certain aspects online.

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