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What’s new in Autodesk Maya 2019

Have you ever wondered how 3D animation movies are made? In this post we are going to show you one of the most used programs for this purpose: Autodesk Maya.
This software, in the 2019 version comes with a powerful set of tools for animation, modeling, motion graphics or virtual reality.


This program has been used in movies like Avengers: Infinity War or Solo: A Starwars Story. And you know perfectly well how visually exciting and dazzling these films are. However, the movie industry always wants more and this makes shows tend to evolve and introduce new features. Do you want to know what’s new in Autodesk Maya 2019?

Autodesk Maya 2019, news

Analyzing Autodesk Maya 2019
The main novelties of the software are related to the comments left by users every day. Therefore, performance and stability have been improved in all areas, increasing productivity significantly.

  • Cached playback system. The need for playblasts in many scenarios is largely eliminated. On the other hand, this cached playback gives the option to view the animation from any angle or zoom level. In addition, it is not necessary to activate it because it comes by default. This means that you can keep animating while caching is happening in the background.
  • On the other hand, Cached Playback has a number of settings that you can configure and tweak to better take advantage of a powerful GPU, or more system memory. In this way, this feature offers animators the ability to produce higher quality work, by making the environment more interactive and responsive, and avoid continuous waiting for rendering.
  • Graphic window. This one also offers significantly higher quality previews and much closer to the final versions. Includes RenderView options such as Debug Shading, AOVs, and region rendering, offering real-time lighting and reflections.
  • Chart Editor gets two new filters that help you refine the animation curves.
  • The Butterworth Filter smooths out its curves, so you get a more predictable result.
  • Key Reducer creates an easier animation curve and usable by evaluating the cues and removing those that are not needed to extrapolate the move.
  • Other changes are improvements to the Bake Deformer tool; bespeeds up scene loading with MetaData, improves material and texture loading times, and has faster selection performance in the graphics window.
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Autodesk Maya 2019, news

This makes Autodesk Maya 2019 a very powerful animation tool, with which from now on users will be able to save time and be more productive in their creations.

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