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The importance of post production

In any audiovisual work, it is essential to have a good story or script and a director who knows how to coordinate the different shots and the team that will make the film, short or documentary. But not everything ends when they hear the “Cut” of the final scene. There is still perhaps the most important phase of any project: audiovisual post-production.

If we carry out the entire process, but do not do a good assembly, all of the above will have been useless. Because it is precisely at this stage that the final product will be shaped. Takes are going to be discarded, others have to be synchronized, sound added, special effects…

If you have seen the Avengers movie and stayed until the end, you will have noticed the long list of people who work behind the scenes, including those in charge of post-production.

The importance of audiovisual post-production

Why is post-production so relevant?

  • It’s where I know All the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Movie shots don’t have to be shot in the same order that they will appear in what we see in theaters.
  • In this stage the rhythm is created in the sequences. The time is lengthened or shortened depending on the sensation or emotion that you want to convey. For example, the seconds on a bomb timer are stretched out to create that plot tension.
  • Post production is «The end» of the movie. This is where it really ends when the editor enters the last credit to add. Of course, before finishing the project, it has had to be revised several times so that the story is consistent and there are no continuity or connection errors, for example.
  • It is where he is given visual aspect to projection. We will have to unify all those exteriors, interiors, chroma key and digital images so that they do not look like isolated shots.
  • The soundtrack added in post production. Although that will depend on how the project has been planned. As an example, music may not be applied when there are testimonials in a documentary. That will depend on what the director indicates.
  • And of course, it is where the digitization specialists create all those images with a computer. This is the special effects. For this, animation programs such as 3D Studio Max and others are used.
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As you can see, many elements come into play in audiovisual post-production that we must take into account.

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