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How to import materials into Premiere

If you’re into post-production, you’ve probably started researching shows like Adobe Premiere. This is a common program in video post-production and is used both in film and on television.

Importing the Adobe Premiere materials

As in other Adobe programs, we can bring files made with other programs. Thus, we can use both still and moving images. This is photography, video or text.

In the case of Adobe Premiere we have the Panel Project, which is where we will introduce all that material that we are going to edit in our video edition. As we mentioned, this type of material can be photographs, videos, audio, but we can also bring other projects made with Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects.

The most comfortable thing is to have Adobe Premiere open and on top of it minimized the open Windows Explorer folder. In this way, we will only drag everything we need to carry out our project to the Project area.

It is true that we can also import it by going to the menu of the program itself (File>Import). But, without a doubt, the other is much faster and more comfortable. Because that way we make sure in one fell swoop to put in everything we need to work with it.


1. It should be noted that there is a special case, which are the image sequences or what is the same a group of consecutive still images that are part of a video. In order for them to work later in this editing program, all the images must have the same name with a correlative counter suffix. To import them we will go to the Import Sequence option.

2. Lastly, when working with Adobe Premiere you need all the files organized in one folder. Although it may seem like a logical thing, sometimes we delete or move the files and if it is associated with a Premiere project when we reopen it, it will indicate that it has missing files.

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