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Training in web design to meet the needs of recruiters

One of the objectives of the web designer is to facilitate the user experience. ” This is an essential notion in the creation of websites, which goes hand in hand with accessibility. Brands must meet the needs of users, while offering pleasant navigation and pleasant graphics “, explains Zeineb Bapin.

From user experience to testing: the role of the web designer in 2022

The webdesigner’s mission is to develop the graphic and editorial charter of a site, while optimizing its functionalities. ” He is also required to carry out an ergonomic quality diagnosis of the site based on heuristic criteria, created by ergonomists, in order to verify that the criteria are respected on all the interfaces. The perimeter of the web designer will not be the same depending on whether he practices his profession within a VSE or SME, for a large group or in an agency. ” His work will depend on the technological and technical capacity of the company or client for which he is collaborating. »

The job revolves around an infinite loop of 3 main stages: reflection, design and testing. ” Once the test is done, the web designer will go back to thinking, he will re-design, then re-test, and so on. Each test must meet a specific objective to improve a feature or solve a particular problem. The tests represent an important part of the web designer’s missions because they allow him to measure the impact of his work.

To nourish his inspiration and his creativity, the web designer carries out research work with the realization of competitive benchmarks. ” You have to look at what the competition is doing, analyze the positive and negative points. User testing is also part of its missions, face-to-face or through the implementation of online polls, or even surveys. A technological watch is necessary to know the latest trends and innovations in the sector.

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A versatile job at the crossroads of different digital disciplines

If you want to practice this versatile job, you must be a good communicator and listen to the people around you: web developers, project manager… ” It’s a vocation job, which requires being able to juggle between different hats. Performing an ergonomic audit is indeed completely different from graphic design or coding continues Zeineb Bapin.

On the hard skills side, the web designer must know the basics of code, HTML5 and CSS3, without necessarily mastering all the techniques of web development. ” Don’t be afraid to touch everything. This is what makes this job so exciting, because there are always multiple tasks to perform to launch a site or participate in the redesign of an existing site. It’s a permanent challenge, which requires you to stay abreast of the latest trends. The trainer’s advice: subscribe to industry newsletters, follow what’s happening, watch and analyze what users appreciate when they browse online, regardless of the device they use.

Creativity, open-mindedness and curiosity are among the soft skills to integrate. ” We expect a web designer to have a graphic culture, to really know how to look at things, to be able to work in a team, while being autonomous, and to be proactive. He must also be able to put himself in the customer’s shoes and know how to accept criticism. In the web designer’s toolbox, we find software from the Adobe suite (Photoshop, XD, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.), but also Sketch, Figma, or even Balsamiq to create wireframes.

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Telepresential training to become operational in 6 months

The ifocop training center offers training to become a remote web designer. Its particularity: a tele-presential learning method (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) with a program delivered from an online platform and led by professional tutors who are experts in this field. The course is structured around 2 highlights: 3 months of online courses, followed by 3 months of internship in immersion within a company. You thus become operational in 6 months, with the possibility of finding a job in web design for the beginning of 2023, and a professional certification RNCP level 5 (bac+2) at stake.

The practical aspect is highly valued in this training. Future web designers work on concrete projects and in groups, which allows them to learn to collaborate. The internship offers the opportunity to put into practice the skills acquired in class. ” Thanks to these projects, they create a book of work, which they can present to recruiters at the end of the training. This is what makes all the difference during a job interview, because the candidate can show his creations and prove his skills », stresses Zeineb Bapin. The plus: you benefit from dual support with a referent tutor and an educational manager throughout your course to guarantee your success.

The training is aimed at autonomous profiles, employees on training leave, job seekers and profiles in retraining. Its amount is €6,500 including tax and it is eligible for many training aid schemes, such as the CPF, the CPF de transition professionnelle, or the VAE. Do you want to be operational and available on the job market for January 2023? Register now to follow the next session, which will take place from June 9 to December 2, 2022. Note that other start dates are available from October.

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