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Adobe Stock’s creative predictions for 2022

Adobe Stock unveils its key creative themes that will make the year 2022. To establish its ranking, the image bank is based on user research and internal research work.

Two main themes emerge: a craving for optimism, with an insatiable desire for entertainment and fantasy, and a desire to ensure their well-being and that of those close to them, with a more pronounced need for strong and authentic connections, underlines Brenda Milis, director of creative and consumer research at Adobe.


Visual themes in 2022

According to Adobe Stock, 4 main themes should drive creative inspiration in 2022: the incredibly playful, mental health, protection of the planet and movement.

Incredibly playful

This prediction comes from the observation of a large number of commercial campaigns linked to optimism and fun, particularly in the fashion and beauty sectors, restaurants and other major consumer segments. Images marked by laughter, hope and enthusiasm, sometimes tinged with nostalgia, demonstrating a desire to move forward with a smile in the face of adversity.

© Jacob Lund /


In 2022 more than ever, and in the face of the uncertainty created by the pandemic, particular care should be taken to preserve one’s mental health. Self-care and mental well-being should come together in this theme to be highlighted in campaigns.

© Yakobchuk Olena /

Protect the planet first

In 2021, the reality of climate change has continued to be in the news. This is why this theme linked to the protection of the environment should mark the year 2022, striving to promote greater sustainability. This prediction is based on the general thirst for regeneration, the growing desire to reverse this march towards environmental destruction, as well as the growing consumer awareness and mobilization.

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© Cole Ndelu /

In the wind

In 2022, the movement should hold an important place in publicity photos. Thus, the visuals should show the movement of the clothes, the hair in the wind or the graceful lines of the body. “Movement, at the heart of brand campaigns, is not only beautiful and visually stimulating, but it also allows us to experience contactless ‘physicality'”, analyzes Brenda Milis. It would make it possible to counterbalance the static aspect linked to teleworking or even social distancing.

© Georgii /

Design themes in 2022

According to Adobe Stock, 4 themes will stand out on the design side: Soft Pop, new naturalism, heritage and otherworldly visions.


This theme is characterized by foldable, fun shapes, and comes in the form of 3D drawings. It translates into an optimistic atmosphere and the use of soft, pastel colours, with typography as a key element.

Recurring elements of this trend include highly personalized emojis, cartoons and symbols, with soft, rounded or excessive shapes.

© Lakee MNP /

New naturalism

The aesthetics of the new naturalism is marked by a sober modernism and focuses on showing organic materials. The preferred colors are black and white, terracotta, but also ocher or deep green tones to symbolize a certain grounding.

Very present in contemporary designs that emphasize compositional elements to express an idea, the new naturalism is emerging in many sectors, including fashion, beauty and interior design, explains Brenda Milis.

© artjafara /


This theme is characterized by handmade illustrations that pay homage to creative art and heritage, revisiting motifs and traditions from around the world. Geometric shapes, characters, nature or even decorative fonts are key elements of this theme. It is particularly present in textile design and stationery.

© Happy Dragon /

Otherworldly visions

The Otherworldly Visions aesthetic is inspired by an alternate reality, illustrated with color gradients and adorned with ethereal symbols.

This very sophisticated and intellectually mature theme assumes the high-tech attributes of cyberpunk and science fiction, but declines them in a completely different environment with lush surreal gradients, with 3D surfaces and textures and unreal fashion sets and designs, on and off screen.

© allvision /

Animation themes in 2022

On the video side, Adobe Stock predicts that 2022 will be marked by:

  • the metaverse: this virtual space in which users can interact, exchange and explore online seems to have become the new playground for brands in 2021 and should continue to grow in popularity in 2022. “As the metaverse becomes a dominant destination and concept, its basic aesthetic evolves by creating a bridge between the digital world and the physical world”analyzes Brenda Milis.
  • movement : just as it imposes itself in the visual themes, the movement also insinuates itself into a key theme for the animation this year. It translates into dance and rhythm. “All brands, from Apple to Adidas and Toyota to Bud Light, seem to not only want to move, but need to. »
  • dimensional pleasures: the principle is to show dimensional elements in 3D in a hyper-realistic way, mixing optical illusions and cartoon effects which thus bring an impression of depth, but also a visual pleasure.
  • text, captions and subtitles: textual elements are key when it comes to content for and on social networks. The importance given to the text should intensify in 2022, in particular in order to make content accessible to all, thus aiming at the inclusiveness of people with hearing loss. “Since most videos are watched without sound on social media, text overlays are an essential part of creating successful video campaigns for Instagram, TikTok or even Facebook. »

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