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Adobe launches Creative Cloud Express, to create visuals for social networks

This Monday, Adobe announced the official launch of Creative Cloud Express, a new application designed to simplify creation, which combines the best features of Creative Cloud applications and Acrobat PDF tools. It allows you to give free rein to your imagination to easily and quickly create visuals, illustrations, logos, videos and other media for social networks.

Adobe’s new application for creating visuals for social networks © Adobe

Simplify creation to save time

The objective of this new application, which brings together features from Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere Pro, is to facilitate creation in order to create visuals adapted to social networks. You can create Instagram and Facebook posts or stories, Twitter visuals, YouTube thumbnails or videos for LinkedIn, and export them from any device, desktop or mobile.

The strength of Creative Cloud Express lies in its template system, which offers a very wide choice and a great possibility of customization. You can thus mix several models to create one that suits you, by changing the text, the font, the background and the colors. Adobe also indicates that it will be possible to import images available on Adobe Stock directly into the application.

You can choose from a large selection of templates. © Adobe

The objective of this new software is to provide everyone with a high-performance, but easy-to-use tool, so that everyone can create quality creations, without technical skills. It is possible to export the creations made in many formats, but also to transfer them to all the other software in the Adobe suite.

The interactive editor allows you to modify all the elements of the creation. © Adobe

A mix of several already existing applications

Although Creative Cloud Express may seem similar to existing Adobe applications, such as Spark, Photoshop Express or Premiere Rush, the firm specifies that it is more complete overall. Despite their differences, each of these applications have a common goal: to make Adobe applications more accessible to everyone.

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Adobe hopes to reach a slightly wider audience with Creative Cloud Express, and thus make the application an essential creative tool for everyone, professionals and individuals.

A free app but with some paid features

Creative Cloud Express offers thousands of templates, design assets, Adobe Fonts, and effects for free, but offers a premium version for a wider selection of premium templates, as well as direct integration Adobe Stock images.

You can embed images directly from Adobe Stock into Creative Cloud Express. © Adobe

The free version offers storage up to 2GB, expandable up to 100GB through the paid version. On the price side, it is necessary to count 11.99 € per month or 119.99 € per year. A 3 month free trial is available.

Adobe specifies that the software will be updated over time, taking into account user feedback

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