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Photoshop: 10 keyboard shortcuts to boost productivity

Do you regularly use photo editing software from the Adobe suite? Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts that will save your time on a daily basis.

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts recommended by Adobe

Below is a list of favorite keyboard shortcuts from Adobe experts to help you express your ideas, get your work done, and unleash your creative potential in Photoshop. If you want to use these keyboard shortcuts on Mac, just replace CTRL with CMD key.

  1. D button: to restore the default foreground and background colors (generally black and white),
  2. Hold H key + left click: to display the entire image, then move the rectangular area to choose the area to zoom in, and release,
  3. S key: to use the clone buffer,
  4. X key: to switch between foreground and background colors,
  5. CTRL+A / +D: to select or deselect all items,
  6. CTRL+E: to merge with the lower layer,
  7. CTRL+J: to duplicate a layer,
  8. CTRL+0: to adjust the zoom to the screen size,
  9. CTRL+ALT+I: to change the size of the image,
  10. CTRL+SHIFT+I: to invert the selection.

Bonus: how to create your own shortcuts in Photoshop?

If you want to personalize your use of Photoshop even more, you can add your own shortcuts, which correspond to your use of the software and thus optimize your daily work even more. To do this, go to the Edit > Keyboard shortcuts menu, then click on the button. To summarize in the dialog box to change the selection.

Note that you can also export the list of all the shortcuts in an HTML page, which will allow you to better find the functions and shortcuts to use on Photoshop.

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