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The importance of color in editing

Within video post-production, it is not only important that the image goes in unison with the audio, but also the color. Keep in mind that in a film production it is necessary to:

  • Correct color and exposure errors. It is rare that a film is recorded with the exposure and the color that they are going to have at the end of the process are not the same. In addition, it is common for errors in exposure or white balance to occur.
  • Make the center of the image look good. The key elements of the plot must be clear and capture the viewer’s attention.
  • Diversity of materials. In most series, whether fiction or documentary, materials from different sources are used. There are shots that follow each other in the montage, but they have been recorded at different times and days. The color correction will allow to balance the contrasts so that everything seems to be recorded on the same day.
  • Depth. The shot must give a sense of depth. In the staging, the necessary elements will have been placed for this. Color correction can also help create that depth though, by manipulating light with gradients, lowering the saturation of objects further away, or selective blurring.
  • Color depending on the medium. The color will have to be adjusted depending on where the movie or episode of the series is going to be broadcast. A movie screen is not the same as broadcasting it on television or an Internet video. Each one requires a different treatment, adjusting the signal according to the medium in which the film project is going to be broadcast.
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YouTube channels to watch out for

Here we have put together some channels that will help you master color correction and color grading. Sure to inspire you in your next project!

Adobe Video & Motion

Adobe is working on the Lumetri toolset to deliver faster post-production. It is an important tool, since it allows you to edit the color of the videos and give them that cinematographic touch. It is something like a color correction similar to Adobe Lightroom. Also, the auto ring functions have been improved from the previous version. They are expected to be applied to the toolset once the feature is fully implemented.

Adobe in a minute

This channel offers several tutorials that cover concepts of working with color in Premiere Pro, the Lumetri color panel, corrections… As its name indicates, the purpose of this channel is to make the Adobe universe known. So if you are interested in other Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.


Here you will find many practical tips and has entire playlists dedicated to working with color. The goal is to create custom cinematic looks, Lila is your queen. Some of her best color content shows different ways to get your own distinctive tones (without relying on LUTs).

edit it pro

It is also another channel in Spanish that is not wasted. In addition, it has a section(list) in which it explains how, thanks to Adobe Premiere, color problems that a video may have can be identified and how to solve it.

What are you waiting for to take advantage of the color?

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