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Canva launches free tools for video editing

Canva has just launched a new suite of tools to make video editing easier: Canva Video. Discover more about it here in this article.

Canva Video makes video creation easy from A to Z

To make Canva Video accessible to everyone, the tool offers an easy-to-use editor that brings together multiple functions to help you with video editing. Among the main features available:

  • Video Templates: to help you get started in editing a playful or professional video, the tool offers different templates according to your needs. You will find templates to produce a YouTube, TikTok or Facebook video, to design Reels on Instagram, to develop Stories adapted to the dimensions of social networks or to create advertising videos. You also have access to video slideshow templates and personalized messages (end of year celebrations, birthdays, etc.).
  • Video editing: By importing videos into your project, Canva provides the ability to edit shots. You can move footage, trim shots, crop and rotate videos, and add transitions for smoother rendering.
  • Video recording : it is possible to create video sequences directly from the editor, using a camera or by recording your screen.
  • Audio management: the editor has the ability to support multiple audio tracks to embed into your video. Add a voiceover, sound effects or music to energize your video. Canva has a sound bank of 27,000 royalty-free songs.
  • Entertainment: the solution offers the possibility of adding visual (photos, shapes, graphics, etc.) and textual elements, then animating them using pre-designed effects.
Use your camera to record a clip and embed it in your video. © Canva

The Canva Video suite, directly integrated into Canva, is accessible free of charge from your web browser, but also via desktop (MacOS and Windows) and mobile (iOS and Android) applications. Video editing also includes a collaborative mode.

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Canva wants to make video creation accessible to everyone with Canva Video

Since its launch in 2013, Canva has had one goal: to make design accessible to everyone. If the bet seems to be held with an estimated valuation of 40 billion dollars last September, the company is raising the bar by attacking the video:

One of Canva’s guiding principles is to make complex things simple, and our new Video Suite will allow everyone to unleash the power of video, said Rob Kawalsky, Product Manager at Canva.

The goal for Canva is therefore to replace traditional video editing tools, described by the company as “too difficult, too expensive or too limited for the most part”.

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