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How to slow down the image with After Effects?

One of those special effects that made the Matrix movie so popular is slow-motion action. This effect is also widely used by Asian movies, where the martial arts fights take place in a slow mode and from various angles.

Do you know that you can also perform this type of effects in your compositions with After Effects? The technical name of it is time warp effectbut with smooth animation.

How to slow down the image: Matrix effect

What is the time warp effect?

This effect will allow us to adjust the speed of the composition in a more creative way. And for this we will use the key frames. In this way, you can make the video go faster or slower. You can also incorporate combinations of both into your video, meaning that some parts of the video go slowly and others go progressively faster. The latter is also called bullet time.

You will see that it can be done in a very simple way and that it will improve your videos.

How to do the time warp effect?

  • The first thing to do is import a video in which an action occurs.
  • Generate a new composition and drag it to the composition line.
  • Add the time warp effect, which comes by default in After Effects. As you can see this incorporates many different attributes.
  • Here you can play with the speed indicating it in each frame. After Effects animates the change between both speeds. But if we want to get a more professional result can play with frame blending. To do this we will go to method and choose pixel movement.
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With the rest of the attributes you can try to see how the composition looks better. Although we recommend that every time you make a change, you check immediately what changes have been made to the video and if they are correct.

Did you know about this time warp effect? Will you dare to use it?

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