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10 Royalty Free Music Banks

In addition to the image and the texts, an essential element in any audiovisual post-production is music. Some people prefer to edit the images and texts based on the soundtrack of the video. Others usually add it once they have made the composition or sequence.

As you know, in programs like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere they have different tracks. Specifically, Adobe Premiere has 3 tracks for video and three tracks for audio. Sometimes this is very limited for video, but for audio it can be more than enough.

Usually the music will end with fade out or what is the same, it will decrease the sound to remain silent at the end of the video. In this way, that “The End” will not be abrupt. When we have finished all the editing: image, videos, text and music, we usually upload that work to video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and many others.

But have you noticed that on some of those platforms they block the music? And therefore, the work you have done is left without any sound. The reason is something called copyright or copyright.

In the case of Youtube, if it identifies 30 seconds of music as copyrighted, it automatically blocks the audio. So it doesn’t matter if your work had statements from a person, or you have a voiceover. Nothing will be heard.

10 Royalty Free Music Banks

To avoid this problem there are so-called music banks. But you have to look very carefully if they are licensed so you can use them commercially or if they need attribution. This is that the author of the music is mentioned in the description of the video and in the final credits. Here we have selected the best known, but there are others.

  • YouTube Audio Library It is widely used by youtubers. They are classified by genre, mood, duration, etc. You need to have your Google account, that is, a Gmail account, to be able to download the songs more easily.
  • Free Music Archive. Divided into 15 musical genres, you will be able to find the type of style that you like the most.
  • ccMixter. Music classified by genre, instrument and style.
  • Free Mobby. If you like the music of the American author, Moby, you’re in luck because you can use it without paying. Although you must include his name in the credits. Another artist who does this is Dan-O in DanoSongs either Josh Woodward.
  • Museopen. Here you will find many pieces of classical music.
  • There are other free music banks like beatpick, Incompetech, Partners in Rhyme, etc.
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Remember that music is one of the elements that will make your audiovisual project stand out.

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