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Canva: you will soon be able to integrate data into your presentations

Find out what’s coming soon to Canva. ยฉ Canva

Canva has just announced the acquisition of Flourish, an English startup specializing in data visualization. With its 75 million active users each month, up 30 million over the past year, the visual communication platform will thus be able to offer its members new features to enrich the content created by facilitating the use of data within presentations. The objective: to connect any data source and transform them into rich and readable visuals.

As the volume of data in today’s world continues to grow, the real challenge is to make sense of it all. To reveal the hidden meaning of your spreadsheets and databases, you need to be able to present complex information in an engaging and understandable way, Canva explains in a statement.

Flourish, what is it?

Flourish is a London-based startup founded in 2016 by Duncan Clark and Robin Houston. It offers software, which enables organizations of all sizes to create simple and accessible data visualizations and animations from complex data sources. After raising $1 million in funding when it started in 2017, the tool now has more than 929,000 users worldwide, including companies such as BBC, Sky, Deloitte and Moody’s. Over 9.7 million views have been created with Flourish, generating over 20 billion views since launch.

Flourish’s team has pioneered the data visualization space (โ€ฆ) to transform complex data into interactive and engaging visualizations. From creating global vaccination heatmaps to tracking COVID cases or mapping the effects of climate change, data storytelling is becoming an increasingly essential part of visual communication for many organizations across many industries.

New Flourish features coming to Canva

With Flourish, Canva wants to offer its users the possibility of telling stories by enriching them with the data at their disposal, without the need to โ€œ modify code, install expensive software or order custom projects “. Among the features already announced by Canva, you will soon benefit from:

  • The addition of thousands of templates featuring charts, projection maps, to bring your data to life ยป,
  • Easy creation of interactive charts and infographics,
  • The ability to easily connect Canva to your data sources.

With Flourish joining the Canva family, we look forward to combining the power of the Flourish platform with the magic of Canva that our community knows and loves, as we redouble our efforts to empower millions of people to share data in a meaningful way. even more creative and convincing.

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