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Paint Tool Sai 2 Beginners Guide

Have you heard of the recent “SAI 2” test release? Well, today I am going to talk to you about this new update and the new tools that it brings with it. Earlier we talked about the Differences between UPS and UPS 2 ,Well, this time I am going to talk to you in more depth about UPS 2.


UPS 2 Technical Preview

SAI is a drawing program that has the necessary tools for the introduction to digital illustration, on October 6 the “SAI 2 technical preview” has just been updated, although the Paint Tool Sai is already available. 2 is just an incomplete and test version. Currently the second version is under development, so the one found in downloads from the page is a test version and it includes many bugs.

It has been reported that there are different tools with bugs when saving files especially. There are also bugs that affect the display of the same file in other programs such as photoshop, when exporting files from sai to photoshop for example, you have to delete the rules or tools that are not present in the other program and that are exclusive to sai, since this will not let you export the file to photoshop. I highly recommend not using this version if it’s not just for testing, as bugs may affect your work.

The SYSTEMAX team is still developing the second version, but with this test version we can see some changes in its tools and what lies ahead when the development of the program ends.

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file: You will be able to create your new files, save them, export and recover jobs that the program has closed for some reason.

Edit: We can use the Undo and Redo tools to go back or forward, copy and paste or select.

Canvas: We will be able to change the resolution of our workspace, as well as rotate and move it to our liking.

layer: This is the area where we can add new layers or modify them.

Choice: As are the selection options where we can modify them in the same way.

Ruler: This is a new tool added in this version, we will be able to configure our rules to have references in the workspace.

filter: Color filters (Hue and Saturation), (Brightness and Contrast) and types of blurs.

view: We can modify the view of our workspace.

Windows: Here we will control the tools that we want to appear in our workspace.

New tools! brush preview

The preview of the brushes, as we modify, we can see how it will look, you can also change the background behind the brush to have a better view of it when using it.

More brush options:

Below we can see a new toolbar within the brushes called Scatter, and this tool offers you to modify the brushes in greater depth compared to the first version that opted for few options. Now you will be able to modify the angle of the brush, the space and the effects of this, which will allow us to create better brushes that adapt to our work. These new options are very similar to what Clip Paint Studio also offers us.

You will now be able to further create your brushes for new options, and share your settings with others.

tools collection

The program offers us several collections of tools by default, and in the GRP 5 area, you can configure your tools as you like to have easy access to them.


Something that greatly increases the value of the program is the addition of rules! Something that we could not have in the first version and that was sorely lacking. What is true is that if we want to save the document, or export it to photoshop or another program, this tool will not allow it, so you will have to rasterize the rules or delete them before saving or exporting.

There is also something that you will be fascinated by, but Sai added a symmetrical ruler, for those who cannot draw the right eye the same as the other, or need both sides to be perfectly equal, this is your solution to all those problems. .


Definitely there is not much difference between both versions if not the addition of new tools, if you still do not know about the tools of the first version I invite you to read the following article “Guide for Sai Beginners”, where you can learn more about all the tools of this program.

Did you like the new additions to this program?

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