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Paint Tool Sai for Artists, what is it and how does it work?

How about artists? today we will talk about another program that is largely used by other illustrators and one of the most recommended.
Today I will talk about Paint tool Sai or also called as “Sai” is an illustration software that is used to create digital works of art in any style. The platform offers us a simplified user interface, as well as an easy to use tool, something that I found very good when you are just starting to use programs of this type. It has a large number of tools that are easier to use if you are starting to draw with a tablet, unlike other complex applications such as Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, which are more professional tools for illustration.


The most important but basic basic functions found in other programs can also be found in PaintTool SAI. In addition, this software allows the use of layers as well as rectangle selection, magic wand, lasso and a special selection pen that works as a brush, color mixing palette and different texture brushes.

I tell you about the toolbar, which is very limited, at the beginning when I started drawing digitally it seemed perfect, but as you learn more and more things I needed a more complete program and I ended up using Clip Studio Paint. However, it is possible to find airbrushes, markers, pencils, brushes, watercolors, crayon, broad-tipped markers and additional resources, you can also configure and create your own brushes.

In addition, the program is very light and can be used even if you do not have a powerful PC. It also supports very limited vector work on special layers. The program includes a “Transformation” menu that will allow you to scale, rotate or warp objects or layers. It also includes hotkeys that will let you easily rotate the canvas and return it to its default state for the easiest drawing angles.

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Pros and cons

Of course, let’s talk a little about the cons if you are looking for more features, as I mentioned, it does not have many extra tools for illustrations or more complex work, also if you do not have a powerful PC you will not be able to work very large or very high quality canvases since The program will start to slow down.
Also you will not be able to easily export a PSD created in Sai to Photoshop, some Sai tools are not supported by Photoshop and you will have to transform the layers or remove the special Sai layers before exporting. It also only supports a few image formats compared to programs. This program saves and opens files in native SAI, Photoshop PSD, BMP, JPG, PNG and TGA formats. You can open only files saved in RGB color space. Files in bitmap or grayscale mode will not work in Sai and must be converted to RGB, even if the final piece will not be in color. And it has been reported that the program has several bugs when exporting files.

UPS is free?

Another thing that many have not found out is that Paint Tool Sai is indeed a paid program, finding it free all over the internet has become very normal, but this program is totally paid, its cost is around $50 dollars, Although speaking of prices, I highly recommend the use of Clip Studio Paint PRO since its price is also $50 dollars and it includes simple Sai tools and complex ones for when you increase your drawing skills.
In my opinion, it is preferable to invest in Clip Studio Paint that offers you countless things and the cost is well worth it, if you still do not know Clip Studio Paint I invite you to read one of our posts
What is Clip Studio Paint?.

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