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Good morning artists, as a good informant about programs for artists, today I bring you a note about Procreate.

Procreate launched on the App Store in 2011 and since then there hasn’t been another creative app for iPad that tops it. Artists mention that procreate is so versatile and easy to use, plus it has quite a few tools for drawing. Procreate is a professional digital drawing application available for iPad and other mobile devices such as iPhone and iPod touch (pocket version).

Lately Procreate has been very popular for iPad users, even because it is an iPad it gives you a lot of mobility when it comes to expressing your creativity and you don’t have to be stuck on the PC, but now you can draw from the comfort of your bed, away from home etc. In a short time, Procreate has become one of the most important digital illustration tools in the world of graphic art.

Another interesting thing is that Procreate has a community of artists where you can share your creations and get different resources, such as free brush sets for Procreate, color palettes and much more. This community is called Procreate Folio and it’s a great option if you want to find inspiration, get your work out there on the internet, and even use it as your own Illustration Portfolio.

In addition, Procreate Folio also has a discussion board or forum where different people around the world share their doubts about how to use Procreate. If you sign up, you can contribute to the program or find answers to your questions and thus help other artists like you.

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Below I show you everything that the program can offer you.


• Highlights:

  • Ultra-high resolution canvases, up to 16,000×4000 on iPad Pro
  • Intuitive and elegant interface designed for iPad and Apple Pencil
  • QuickShape function to create perfect shapes
  • Smooth and fast sampling for the Finger tool
  • Powered by Valkyrie, the fastest 64-bit drawing engine for iPad
  • Connect a keyboard to use shortcuts and advanced features
  • Create art with spectacular 64-bit color
  • 250 levels of undo and redo
  • Automatic saving so you never lose your work

• Revolutionary brushes:

  • With hundreds of carefully created brushes
  • Brush sets to organize your paint, sketch and drawing brushes
  • Over 100 customizable options for each brush
  • Brush studio: design yours to measure
  • Import and export custom brushes from Procreate
  • Import brushes from Adobe® Photoshop® and use them with more agility than in Photoshop®

• Complete system of layers:

  • Layer artwork for precise detail and composition control
  • Create layer masks and clipping masks and make non-destructive touch-ups
  • Combine layers into groups for further organization
  • Select multiple layers to move or transform objects at once
  • Over 25 layer blend modes to create professional compositions

• Color without giving up anything:

  • Fill your line drawing with ColorDrop and SwatchDrop
  • Color panels: Disco, Classic, Harmony, Value and Palette
  • Import color profiles and stay consistent
  • Assign color dynamics to any brush
    • The design tools you need:
  • Add vector text to your illustrations
  • Easily import your favorite fonts
  • Crop and resize the canvas, and achieve the perfect composition
  • Visual guides for perspective, isometric, 2D and symmetry
  • Assisted drawing function perfects your strokes in real time
  • Streamline smoothes your strokes to calligraphy and ink like an expert
  • Use Scribble to edit layer names, change settings, and create text
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• Assisted animation:

  • Easy frame-by-frame animation with automatic onion skinning
  • Create storyboards, animated GIFs, animatics and simple animations

• Dramatic finishing effects:

  • Apply adjustments and effects to the image with Apple Pencil and fine-tune effects
  • Breakage, Chromatic Aberration, Glare, Noise and Halftone give your work a new dimension
  • Gaussian blur, motion and perspective filters add depth and movement
  • Powerful image adjustments like color balance, curves, HSB and gradient map
  • Bring your creations to life with Warp, Symmetry and Liquify

• Fast time recording:

  • Relive your creative process with fast-motion Procreate replay
  • Export your recording in 4K for professional video productions
  • Share a thirty second version of your recording, perfect for social media

• Share your creations:

  • Import or export your artwork as an Adobe® Photoshop® PSD file
  • Import color palettes in Adobe® ASE and ACO format
  • Import image files like JPG, PNG and TIFF
  • Export to layered .procreate, PSD, TIFF, transparent PNG, multipage PDF, web JPEG, and animated GIF, PNG, and MP4 formats
  • Drag artwork, brushes, palettes, and fonts between apps

Currently the price of Procreate is $9.99 USD (one-time payment), so it can be said that it has a very affordable price, considering the large number of tools that this application offers.
Of course, we know very well that apple products are not very cheap, as well as the ipad and the apple pen. Above all, their durability is also questioned, since they have a long life, and repairing some of these products is quite expensive.

If you already have an iPad and you are interested in the program, I highly recommend it, for a tablet program it has too many options and believe me you will be quite satisfied.

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