General Motors embraces Adobe Experience Cloud as it shapes the future of personalized mobility

Consumers expect personalized experiences. General Motors is supporting this and will be leveraging apps in Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver a great online experience.

While many are looking around the corner on the future of transportation, General Motors (GM) has already taken the turn. In 2017, the automaker shared a bold plan for the future in supporting zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion — a vision that was crystalized through GM Exhibit Zero at virtual CES. GM reinforced a $27 billion commitment to developing electric vehicles (EVs) and driverless technology with two recent announcements, the commitment to expand their EV lineup globally to 30 vehicles in the next five years and the development of their proprietary Ultium battery cell platform.

The opportunity is massive, and an inflection point for an iconic brand that has been in business for over 100 years. As of 2020, roughly 3 percent of vehicles on the road worldwide were electric. Understanding the severity of climate change and the benefits of electrification are becoming more mainstream amongst consumers. This is aided in large part by the support from leaders in business and government, who are working to expand the necessary infrastructure that can support the growth of EVs.

As more people consider EVs in their car buying journey, they will also require more touchpoints with a brand. Electrification and connectivity represent two of the most significant developments in personal mobility since the 1920s, and it means new demands for self-expression and personalization. This is especially true coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, where personal vehicles and safety will be even more important.

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Over the lifetime of vehicle ownership, from education and pre-order to ongoing support, consumers will expect high-touch and personalized experiences for a product that many are investing in for the first time. General Motors is activating its digital channels to support this and will be leveraging apps in Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver, measure and personalize a great online experience.

GM is embracing the entire customer lifecycle, beginning with users who begin their journey on the website. As a digital front door, it captures people who are in the early stages of research and consideration. When someone lands on, the first thing they see is not a car. They are welcomed by a simple phrase, “everybody in,” part of a broader campaign to highlight the benefits of electrification.

As GM continues its evolution as a mobility company, it is leveraging its large platform to help ensure accessibility and inclusivity in an all-electric future. Website visitors are provided a central destination to get their questions and concerns answered, with an ability to reserve upcoming EVs.

Once a customer reserves a vehicle, GM will focus on helping customers get to know their car. Digital channels play a major role here as well, driving ongoing personalized engagement across areas like the mobile app, email and other communications channels. It helps build consumer confidence around charging stations, maintenance, and in-car features. This extends all the way through the post-purchase experience, with digital becoming a means to assist with ongoing customer support and education.

Adobe Experience Cloud will help GM build and deliver a reimagined owner experience, one that is less transactional and anchored in lifetime value. Apps such as Adobe Analytics will enable GM teams to understand customer needs and the roadblocks they hit online, leveraging real-time insights to drive tangible changes in the experience.

GM is also relying on Adobe Campaign to orchestrate messaging across channels like email and mobile, while using Adobe Target to drive personalization efforts — from customized in-car experiences to maintenance reminders. And with Adobe Experience Manager, teams can ensure that experiences are delivered consistently across any screen that a customer uses to engage with the brand.

“Everybody In” is a rallying cry and a signal of optimism for the future. We wanted this campaign to embody the spirit of accessibility and inclusion, while showing we can come together around important issues like climate change,” said Deborah Wahl, global chief marketing officer, General Motors. “The next few years will be transformative for personal mobility, and the way we connect with customers has to change as well. Content, data and technology all have to come together, so that GM plays a role in every stage of a new buying journey. Partners like Adobe Experience Cloud will help us deliver on this vision and ensure that we meet the high bar we’ve set for ourselves.”

Source : Adobe

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