Personalized, interactive content experiences: Exceed your customers’ expectations

We live in an experience-driven economy. As consumers, we expect constant social media updates at our fingertips while ordering dinner at the same time, on the same device. As brands, we are tasked with meeting (and often, exceeding) expectations to answer the call with memorable, authentic stories and interactions. The goal is not just to capture your customer’s attention. It is to keep it. Engaging, user-friendly, and entertaining experiences have become the norm.

The problem? For years, brands have not been able to deliver interactive, digital content experiences that match those delivered in-person. Antiquated formats, like static documents and slides, have been used for too long. Even worse, modern brands that have attempted to deliver engaging, digital experiences have been burdened with the resource-heavy lift that comes with complex, code-based websites and microsites. Scaling any level of real personalization, interactivity, or even experience-heavy content is nearly impossible.

The reality?


Re-think content design

It is time to design with the end in mind. And not just what the customer needs to hear, but how they need and want to experience the content. It is time for a solution that anticipates the customer needs and helps you scale as you rise to meet those expectations.

“We took time to build a really, great overview story around our products and services with tiers on more detailed information under the relevant topics. Tiled has allowed us to create paths of customer-facing, relevant content that really help to move conversations along. We can address what the customer needs, when they need it. It was very important to us to make sure that the experience we delivered was easy-to-use and navigable but allowed prospects to find and answer their questions.”

Xolani Redebe, Alder Home Security

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Ready to modernize the way you deliver experiences? Check out these three digital transformations your organization needs to produce content that customers expect:

1. Personalize, personalize, personalize

83 percent of marketers struggle with content personalization. Personalization efforts do not just include swapping out logos, highlighting industry specific data points, verticalized guides, or even a named greeting. Personalization means so much more.

Transform your static, flat content into interactive, choose-your-own-adventure experiences that allow for a far more engaged conversation. Over 80 percent of marketers agree that interactive content is better than static content anyway. And by including more content into one experience and inviting the viewer to explore the path they choose, the content will be customized to their needs. It is personalization at scale.

2. Make it memorable

80 percent of consumers say that their experience with a brand is just as important as the product or service they buy from a brand. But what does it mean to make something memorable? Interactivity. In fact, delivering information through interactivity increases the retention of content by 79 percent. It makes data and stories stick (especially those that otherwise would not be remembered).

Transform your linear, flat content into memorable, deliberate experiences. The content will build a positive connection to your brand as customers actually consume what you deliver. Combine your unique narrative with engaging extras — surveys, interactive graphics, videos, audio — to enhance the experience so your audience remains truly engaged throughout their journey. And as you elevate your use of interactive content, you will continue to build your brand’s innovative thought leadership reputation.

3. Make it available

Customers expect to access (and consume) content where, when, and on the device of their choice. This expectation includes meeting them in the right channels with the right content, based on their stage in the journey. With the short attention span afforded to engaging content, it is critical to make an impact — and expedite efficiency!

Learn more about how brands like yours can deliver personalized, interactive content experiences that exceed your customer’s expectations with Tiled’s XD plugin and Creative Cloud Libraries integration.

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