Add pages to any PDF with the Acrobat Insert PDF Pages tool

There are times that you’ll need to add information to an existing PDF file – perhaps you maintain a PDF file with your health records or want to add a writing sample to a PDF resume. Maybe you need to include charts detailing the most recent earnings at the end of a financial presentation or add a new brochure to a file containing all your marketing assets.

The Acrobat Insert PDF Pages tool makes adding pages to an existing PDF a snap. With a few simple steps you can upload, merge, and reorganize PDF files quickly and efficiently, without the need for complex editing processes. The tool also works with other Acrobat online PDF tools, which let you reorder, rotate, or delete PDF pages as needed. Whether used alone or together, Acrobat online tools greatly increase your ability to modify and update existing PDF files.

Staying organized with the Acrobat Insert PDF Pages tool

The ability to insert more pages into PDF files can be highly useful for personal, business, and educational projects. The process is simple: Drag a PDF file into the Insert PDF Pages tool, sign in to Acrobat online, select where you want to insert new PDF pages, and drag the file you want to add to that location. The Acrobat tool seamlessly inserts the added file and even lets you reorder the new pages if desired.

Manage personal records and family files

Quickly update an existing healthcare document with new medical records and lab results, so all your health information is in one convenient document.
Add new details to personal insurance information, including new policy agreements, insurance claim documentation, and photos when filing a personal claim.
Keep copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other important documentation in a single file.
Maintain a digital photo album of your most precious family pictures, inserting new images as they’re taken.
Organize and update online cookbooks.

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Compile, update, and maintain business documents

Compile monthly data sheets into an ongoing yearly report.
Insert client-specific information into templated contracts.
Update client and partner portfolios and contact lists.
Maintain a customer information list.
Create and update a portfolio of all marketing materials.

Organize schoolwork, lesson plans, and homework assignments

Add new entries to existing lesson plans or reading assignments.
Collect and organize subject-specific tests and projects into a single PDF file for easy storage and review.
Add new items to a file of group project work for submission.

Do more with other Acrobat tools

Once you’ve inserted PDF pages into your original document, you can further modify your PDF with these Acrobat tools:

Delete PDF Pages: Remove unwanted pages from the document quickly and easily.
Reorder PDF Pages: Move pages within the document into an arrangement that makes the most sense for your needs.
Rotate PDF Pages: Rotate images or pages inserted in the wrong direction to landscape or portrait mode as needed.

Start a free seven-day trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for access to the complete Acrobat PDF productivity solution, which includes these tools and more. You can enjoy unlimited use of every tool and feature to maximize your document organization and management. Whether you’re working with legal documents, business contracts, school assignments, or arranging your family’s genealogy, Acrobat tools make working with PDFs easy and intuitive.

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