Creators across Asia Pacific #CreateForGood with Adobe

We asked a group of artists, content creators and advocates from all over Asia Pacific to use their artistic talents to #CreateForGood. See what they created.

Art that educates, inspires, or informs has the power to change our world for the better. We asked a group of artists, content creators and advocates from all over Asia Pacific to use their artistic talents to #CreateForGood and inspire change on matters near and dear to their hearts.

As a result, we were treated to a plethora of stunning, thoughtful and meaningful masterpieces, each as unique as the creators themselves. See what they created and hear what they have to say about the change they hope to see in this world.


Deni Todorović, Australia

Deni Todorović is a stylist, host and content creator who proudly identifies as non-binary and uses their social media presence for the fierce, passionate advocacy of LGBTQIA+ and human rights. For this campaign, Deni reflects on why the LGBTQIA+ movement is typically associated with the rainbow and bright colours, inspiring their audience with an array of dazzling visuals titled “Let there be light”.

Deni’s self-portraits pay tribute to the queer community, with bright and bold tones as a metaphor for the joy of stepping into the light of truth, emerging from a challenging and sometimes dark journey of self-discovery and acceptance. ‘These images represent to me, coming out of the storm and finding sweet solace in the light,’ Deni shares.

Zoe Zora, Singapore

Sometimes a simple perspective shift can be powerful enough to change and reclaim an obsolete narrative. Zoe Zora is a model, disability rights advocate and Program Manager for Runninghour, an inclusive running club that aims to make sports accessible to all.

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For this campaign, Zoe challenges society’s stereotypes about wheelchair users like herself and renews calls for more inclusive representation of disability in the media. Wheelchairs are often portrayed as an indicator of limitation, but Zoe doesn’t see herself as bound to one. Instead, she celebrates her wheelchair as a device of mobility and freedom that allows her to live an independent life – empowering her physically, emotionally and mentally.

Jessie Lin, China

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Illustrator Jessie Lin champions several causes in her work, including mental health, the conservation of endangered animals and women’s rights. Here, she turns her attention to access to education for underprivileged children, especially girls, who have faced significant and additional setbacks due to the pandemic. Her illustration shines a light on how education can open up a world of opportunities and reveal a brilliant and bright future —something every child deserves.

Bobbi Lockyer, Australia

Bobbi Lockyer is an Indigenous self-taught photographer and artist whose work cleverly combines digital and analogue mediums. For #CreateForGood, Bobbi advocates for authentic and more accurate representation of First Nation people in the media through a portrait of the women in her family.

Bobbi visualises each member through striking ribbons of colour and illustrations that pay homage to their unique narratives and distinct successes. In doing so, she showcases the diversity within the First Nations community, using positive visibility and acknowledgement to break down stereotypes. Fighting against the misrepresentation of First Nation people – and all minority communities — is an essential steppingstone to a more diverse, inclusive and vibrant world, something Bobbi’s work speaks volumes to.

Alex Mathew, India

Alex Mathew — commonly known as Maya the Drag Queen — is passionate about gender identity, expression and LGBTQIA+ rights. For #CreateForGood, Alex draws from the transformative experience of his first-ever drag performance to encourage his audience to express themselves authentically and proudly own their identity.

Alex’s stunning transformation to Maya, captured in this video, represents his journey of finding freedom in embracing his identity. ‘I chose to be a bird that can sing and be free rather than a caged bird who sang and longed for freedom,’ Alex shares.

Adrianne Walujo, Australia

Melbourne-based illustrator Adrianne Walujo was born and raised in Indonesia. Her artwork reflects on her experience moving to Australia and her initial insecurities around her Indonesian accent, pointing to just one of the many challenges migrants face when integrating into a new community.

By visualising different accents as distinct typefaces, each with their own unique traits and beauty, she wants to empower everyone to embrace their accent, speak confidently and tell their stories unapologetically. After all, every accent is an artwork in itself, sculpted by the hands of a person’s unique culture, background and life experiences. ‘All of us don’t have to be Helvetica,’ she says.

Arian Teo, Singapore

Content creator, photographer and nature lover Arian Teo highlights the importance of environmental conservation in his video, which is close to his heart due to the impact of climate change in Singapore. As a photographer, he has seen firsthand how beautiful landscapes can deteriorate quickly due to climate change.

His work shares a snapshot of a dystopian future that could become a reality unless we look after our planet. Although there isn’t a quick fix for environmental issues, Arian highlights a few ways we can mitigate climate change, including protecting forested areas and being mindful of our carbon footprint.

Don’t forget to check out how creators around Asia Pacific are using their artistry to #CreateForGood on social media. There are many more powerful, poignant and inspiring artworks waiting to be discovered!

Do you have a matter close to your heart that you would like to spread awareness about or a change you want to inspire? Take a step forward by sharing your artwork with us on social media using the hashtag #CreateForGood. Happy creating!

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