Adobe announces Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare expanding digital transformation capabilities to patient experience

When it comes to healthcare, consumers expect the same personalized digital experiences they’ve become accustomed to in other aspects of their lives like shopping, online banking or booking travel.

Healthcare brands looking to become trusted partners for their patients and members need to provide contextually relevant experiences across multiple channels while safeguarding consumers’ personal data. Adobe is expanding the customer experience management capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud to healthcare industry, with Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare. The comprehensive offering is HIPAA-ready and built on Adobe Experience Cloud applications, empowering healthcare companies to improve quality of care, reduce costs, and accelerate the transformation of digital care.

Secure and personalized digital experiences

The healthcare offering will include Adobe Experience Cloud applications that can comply with HIPAA (I.e., “HIPAA-ready”) such as Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Adobe Journey Optimizer in early 2022. Current HIPAA-ready Adobe applications include Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Experience Manager as a Managed Service, Adobe Connect as a Managed Service, Adobe Sign and Adobe Workfront.

By expanding Adobe Experience Cloud capabilities for healthcare, payors, providers, life sciences and pharmacy companies can create and deliver personalized digital experiences that safely use personal data to inform real-time, omnichannel experiences.

Key capabilities of the offering aimed at empowering patients and members to more actively manage their health include:

Data-driven decisioning – Through Adobe Real-time CDP, Adobe will enable activation of integrated healthcare and consumer data to surface actionable insights and improve the patient and member experience. Unified patient data, updated in real-time, enable healthcare brands to create and deliver personalized recommendations and reminders tailored to individuals’ unique needs.
Adherence to industry standards – Adobe Experience Platform provides proprietary privacy, security, and governance infrastructure which are based on healthcare industry standards allowing for effective, meaningful and safe utilization of data for the right purpose, at the right time.
Healthcare and life sciences ecosystem integrations – Seamless integrations with industry data, technology and implementation partners, including Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft and Veeva will empower healthcare companies to manage key sales and marketing workflows, as well as patient and member data, easily and securely. This helps healthcare companies to improve outcomes, reduce cost, and increase customer loyalty.

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Leading healthcare brands are participating in an early access program designed to prioritize best-in-class experiences across healthcare and life sciences. Additional brands including Pfizer, Mercy Health, Roche Diagnostics, CommonSpirit and Change Healthcare already use Adobe Experience Cloud applications to transform the digital healthcare experience.

Source : Adobe

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