Women supporting women in Adobe Romania

Although the number of women in technology is growing, the industry still has a long way to go. To help guide our employees and inspire them to grow their careers at Adobe, our Romania team recently kicked off a series called “Women Support Women.” This virtual series is moderated by Diana Tarfulea, director of engineering in our Adobe Romania office, where she invites other women leaders to talk about their career journeys and share valuable advice.

For Women’s History Month, we asked Tarfulea and her guests what their best piece of career advice is for women technologists. Their responses below highlight the need for individuals to remember that career growth is a marathon, to venture outside of their comfort zone, and more. Here’s what they said.

“I am deeply convinced that technology is an area full of opportunities for women, with plenty of space for growth. My advice regarding career advancement for women is, step into the driver’s seat, choose your path and stay true to your values, keep focused and stay connected. Everything else will follow.”

Diana Tarfulea, director of engineering, Adobe

“Master the art of 360 relationship building with your team, peers, management, partners and customers! And secondly, use your time to systematically nurture multiple goals rather than using energy towards goals within your favorite comfort zone.”

Vasanthi Holtcamp, senior director of software development, Adobe

“My advice for women looking to build their careers in technology is to remember that your career and your growth is a marathon. Pace yourself and refuel when needed. My favorite ways to refuel are (1) to keep learning something new, (2) to genuinely connect with the people I work with, and (3) stay focused on the people whose lives I’m trying to impact with my products.”

Kakul Srivastava, vice president of Creative Cloud experience and engagement, Adobe

Source : Adobe

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