Announcing the 2021 Adobe Digital Experience Partner of the Year Awards

The strength and diversity of our global partner ecosystem is more important than ever as growing customer expectations for seamless customer experience have raised the bar on collaboration, integration and time to market. Adobe’s customer experience management (CXM) solutions offer full extensibility to empower a global ecosystem of technology partners, system integrators, agencies, and developers to extend the power of Adobe Experience Cloud. Our open API’s enable our broad global partner community to customize, integrate and extend Adobe products to help customers execute on every imaginable digital business case. We continue to strengthen alliances across our partner ecosystem to help customers of all sizes and across industries accelerate their time to market and time to value.

With our acquisition of Workfront, the leading work management platform for marketers we are incorporating the Workfront partner awards into the 2021 Adobe Digital Experience partner awards. Workfront has longstanding partners with strong product synergies to Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) and a growing customer base. Our global partner ecosystem is delivering content at scale to elevate the human experience for meaningful customer connections that drive growth. As we lead the charge in digital transformation and customer experience management, with Workfront, we are accelerating this vision.

Join us in celebrating the tremendous work and contribution to customer success of our exceptional Digital Experience partners who distinguished themselves in 2020 with their inspired work on behalf of Adobe customers.

Congratulations to our 2021 Adobe Partner Award recipients and thank you for your collaboration and commitment to excellence.


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2021 Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year

Accenture Interactive: (Americas). Accenture elevated our partnership in 2020 by forming the Adobe Business Group that brought a new focus and differentiated offerings with us. Their dedicated team achieved several hundred technical certifications representing impactful year over year growth. Accenture achieved strong pipeline and booking results with a strong collaboration with the Adobe Customer Solutions (ACS) delivery teams.

Deloitte: (International). Deloitte produced strong growth in the EMEA and APAC regions underpinned by some of the most transformational customer experiences. Deloitte holds trusted relationships in every market, has strong expertise in Adobe technology, and provides a unique approach to partnering with Adobe. This has been the recipe for success and delivering powerful results for our joint customers.

IBM: (United Kingdom & Ireland). IBM drove significant closed business as well as impressive partner create pipeline across the UK&I region. They have invested heavily in expanding their Adobe practice and leadership team to innovate around Adobe Amplify propositions, while continuing to build strong relationships with the Adobe sales team to drive customer success.

Capgemini: (Western Europe). In FY20, Capgemini was promoted to Adobe’s global Partner status and has demonstrated strong executive commitment and partnership in Western Europe. Their achievements in license and services bookings, pipeline generation, and certification drove investment in our joint offerings — Content Explosion, Commerce Realized, and Customer Data Hub — all of which utilize Adobe solutions.

Cognizant: (Central Europe) Cognizant delivers expertise in designing exceptional experiences for our joint enterprise customers. Having achieved seven Adobe specializations, their commitment to deepening their knowledge of Adobe Experience Cloud has resulted in a strong community of certified specialists worldwide. In addition to contributing strong Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), Cognizant has driven significant bookings across Adobe Experience Cloud.

Dentsu: (APAC). The Dentsu APAC team’s ability to align with Adobe on early-stage opportunities has seen them involved in a high volume of Adobe technology business opportunities. This has resulted in Dentsu APAC influencing the second highest combined booked ASV for FY20. Dentsu APAC has also maintained the highest number of onshore (Australian) certifications and boasts specializations across the entire suite of DX solutions. By aligning and working with the Adobe sales team, they maintain a steadfast focus on the success of joint customers.

Dentsu: (Japan). Dentsu has been a key partner in the Japan market for many years, supporting our joint customers to deliver innovative, personalized experiences. Their expertise across Adobe technology, dedication to customer success and trusted relationships across the market have been instrumental in driving a strong 2020 performance and an ambitious outlook for the future.

2021 Digital Experience Delivery Quality Partner of the Year

Infosys: (Americas). Infosys has demonstrated the value of bringing together the office of the CIO with the CMO to provide a complete offering of Adobe solutions for their customers. With a growing number of certifications and 10 global specializations, Infosys has delivered a significant number of customer implementations with Launch Foundation Services alongside Adobe Customer Solutions (ACS).

IBM: (International). IBM is a trusted partner demonstrating tremendous ambition and growth across Adobe bringing exceptional customer experiences to leading brands. They have achieved strong performance in sales accreditations in the international region and excelled in tripling their technical certifications over the past year. The “Adobe on IBM” initiative led by the partners delivery teams in Germany and India demonstrates commitment to growth.

2021 Digital Experience Emerging Partner of the Year

IBM: (Americas). IBM has made significant investments across technical certifications and sales accreditations which has driven a multi- fold increase in Annual Subscription Value (ASV) pipeline and successful joint deployments. They have made a strong commitment to building and delivering differentiated offerings to market in the areas of hybrid cloud, AI/ML, and document workflows by leveraging their Adobe-centric Intelligent Content Transformation framework.

Zensar: (UK&I). Zensar achieved their EMEA specialization in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and earned their way to being a gold-level Adobe solution partner. In 2020, Zensar leaned in and developed innovative solution offerings such as Intermediary enabled platform (IEP) that became an accredited Adobe Amplify solution.

Accrease: (Western Europe). Accrease has built a strong Adobe practice through ongoing investment and certification. By building relationships and collaborating with the Adobe sales team, they have demonstrated commitment to driving high-quality delivery capabilities coupled with their continued business focus on growing our joint partnership.

comwrap: (Central Europe). comwrap has invested in building and launching an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) practice leading with a cloud-first approach, to further extend their strong partnership built around commerce. Their commitment has earned them a AEM Sites Specialization for the EMEA region. By leveraging Blueprints for the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), comwrap delivered a rapid mid-market customer implementation solution with a focus on driving exceptional value for our joint customers.

TeknoPoint: (APAC). TeknoPoint’s in-depth knowledge and unwavering focus on Adobe technology and offerings, deliver high quality, technical customer implementations.

Workfront Global System Integrator Partner of the Year

Accenture : (Americas). For the fourth consecutive year, Accenture continues to be on the leading edge of innovation, investing to help clients transform their people, processes, and technology. In partnership with Adobe, Accenture co-developed and launched the Workfront + Veeva Vault PromoMats integrated solution for the Life Sciences industry.

Accenture: (International). As the recipient of the International Global System Integrator Partner of the Year for the third year in a row, Accenture continues to create joint marketing initiatives to increase pipeline and client growth, while investing in certifying and building their Workfront services capabilities across EMEA.

Workfront Regional System Integrator Partner of the Year

Rego Consulting: (Americas). As a third time Partner of the Year, Rego Consulting built on their success in 2020 with another impressive year of growth. By driving operational excellence and enabling technologies to unify global teams, Rego Consulting delivers exceptional customer experiences for some of the world’s leading brands.

LeapPoint: (Americas). As a long-time Workfront Partner, LeapPoint continues to drive strong growth and adoption with many of Workfront’s largest customers. With a deep expertise in all aspects of Workfront and Fusion, coupled with strong change management initiatives to drive adoption, LeapPoint consistently helps their customers get the most out of Workfront.

IO Integration: (International). IO Integration led the way in 2020 for both partner-sourced and influenced revenue in EMEA. As a trusted and committed Workfront partner for a number of years, they continued to drive a strong GTM proposition and ensured consistent customer value and success across a broad range of customers.

Workfront Breakthrough Partner of the Year

WNDYR: (Americas). WNDYR doubled their Workfront practice in 2020, establishing themselves as a key partner in expanding Workfront’s commercial business. They are off to a strong start in 2021 bringing unique perspectives on the future of work and a full pipeline to help grow our joint business.

Tisson & Company: (International). Tisson & Company massively grew their Workfront business year over year showing great success in 2020. Early and continuous investment ensured their team was certified on Workfront Core, Fusion, and Goals & Scenario Planner, making them one of the earliest adopters in EMEA. Tisson’s Innovate Work Program blends an agile mindset, agile methods, and Workfront tools for successful customer transformations.

2021 Digital Experience Technology Partner of the Year

Microsoft: (Global). In 2020, Microsoft continued to be one of Adobe’s top technology partners by co-selling Adobe products through Microsoft’s deep expertise and experience within the office of the CIO. With our combined solutions that span the full customer and employee lifecycle, the Adobe/Microsoft partnership has helped hundreds of joint customers digitally transform and deliver exceptional experiences across the globe.

2021 Digital Experience ISV Partner of the Year

Medallia: (Global). Medallia has invested in growing their Adobe practice and continues to gain momentum with Adobe’s field teams. Medallia’s digital capabilities in delivering utilization of Adobe products such as Adobe Analytics and the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) have allowed organizations to deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time.

Source : Adobe

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