Zeplin for Adobe XD Plugin: Export Designs & Components

Teams of all shapes and sizes use Adobe XD and Zeplin together to design amazing experiences and bring them to life. With Zeplin, designers can publish finalized XD designs to the structured & organized Zeplin workspace. Here, the entire team — including developers, product managers, copywriters, and more — can access finalized designs, providing clarity on what to build. Zeplin provides the team with the source of truth for shipping experiences and is easy to use for everyone, even those without design backgrounds.

The teams at XD and Zeplin have been working together for several years. In 2018 we announced an initial integration, allowing designers to export from XD to Zeplin for development. Fast forward to today and there are thousands of design teams publishing more than 1 million XD designs to Zeplin each month! And today, we’re announcing exciting updates to the Zeplin for Adobe XD integration with the new Zeplin for Adobe XD plugin, making it even easier for designers, developers, and the broader team to collaborate.

To get started right away, you can click here to install the Zeplin for Adobe XD plugin.

With the new plugin, you’ll still publish designs and components from XD to a Zeplin workspace as you do today. With the plugin installed, simply select objects on your canvas and select “Plugins > Zeplin for XD > Export Selected,” or use one of the keyboard shortcuts below for an easier workflow. Next, you’ll be prompted to open the Zeplin app where you can organize your designs and collaborate with the team.

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While the publishing process is familiar, the plugin is now built on an entirely new foundation using the Adobe XD Plugin APIs. This provides improved performance and introduces some new features for XD and Zeplin users:

Cloud documents support – now, you can export designs and components from XD cloud documents as well as local documents. Previously, the Zeplin integration was only compatible with documents saved locally.
Support for large files – thanks to the XD Plugin APIs, you can export even the largest of files – no more size limits or timeout issues.
Updated keyboard shortcuts – you can hit Ctrl+Shift+E for macOS or Ctrl+Alt+Z for Windows to export designs from XD to Zeplin.

With these updates to the Zeplin for Adobe XD plugin, connecting design to delivery has never been easier. We can’t wait to hear how product teams are using XD and Zeplin together to deliver on the promise of design.

To get started, you can install the Zeplin for Adobe XD plugin. To learn more about publishing designs from XD to Zeplin, check out this support article on the Zeplin website.

Source : Adobe

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