Adobe and Veeva partner to personalize digital life sciences experience

Long before COVID-19 pushed many offline activities to digital channels, brands across all industries were embracing digital to improve their customers’ experience. For the life sciences industry in particular, sales rep access to healthcare providers was already becoming less frequent due to extremely limited availability to meet in-person and the growing convenience and effectiveness of digital channels like email and virtual meetings. Pharmaceutical companies were investing in technology to deliver personalized and compliant customer experiences with greater ease and convenience for doctors and other healthcare providers.

Adobe is partnering with Veeva, the leader in cloud-based solutions for the life sciences industry, to streamline the content lifecycle, end-to-end, to accelerate customers’ digital strategies and maximize customer engagement. With the integration of Veeva with Adobe Experience Cloud applications, pharma brands can create and deliver compliant, relevant and timely experiences to customers at scale.

“Scientific discovery and the creation of new medicines and therapies are happening more rapidly than ever before. Our partnership with Adobe simplifies how life science companies get relevant, personalized information on the latest developments to healthcare providers in a timely and compliant way so they can provide the best outcomes for their patients.”

Andy Fuchs, VP of Commercial Strategy at Veeva

New integrations are now available from Adobe between Adobe Experience Manager and Veeva Vault PromoMats, as well as Veeva CRM and Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP). Additional connections between Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault and Adobe Experience Cloud are planned for release later this year.

Personalized, data-driven multichannel experiences

Through the connector between Veeva CRM and Adobe Real-time CDP available today, data from Veeva CRM can be ingested into Adobe Real-time CDP and combined with first party and other data sources, provide a single holistic journey for the customer. With a more complete, unified profile, marketers can create personalized customer experiences across both traditional and digital touchpoints.

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With Adobe and Veeva, pharma companies can optimize and better deliver end-to-end experiences that are personalized, both online and off, enabling healthcare providers to stay up-to-date on the latest drugs and treatments and provide the best experience for their patients.

Compliant content faster

To adapt to reps’ decreased access to healthcare providers and their evolving engagement preferences from face-to-face to digital, pharma companies shifted their focus to creating personalized and compliant content for virtual meetings, email, and online events to fill the in-person gap and accommodate deeper and longer interactions with providers. According to Veeva Pulse Content Metrics, content volumes increased by 60 percent and 3.5 times more digital content was created versus print last year. For healthcare and life science companies, developing and publishing content can be a complicated and lengthy process filled with multiple rounds of Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR) and marketing reviews and taking up to three months to complete at times. By the time the content is finally published, it may already be outdated or irrelevant.

Through a new bi-directional integration between Adobe’s experience management and delivery application, Adobe Experience Manager, and Veeva Vault PromoMats, companies can now streamline content creation and workflow efficiency. New content can either be created with Experience Manager Assets or Veeva Vault PromoMats Digital Asset Manager and then sent through Veeva Vault PromoMats for MLR review before publication through Experience Manager Sites. To further accelerate the process, marketers can now create content fragments or modules from a library of reusable, pre-approved content. Content created using these fragments can be routed based on risk level and guide reviewers through an expedited approval process.

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Source : Adobe

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