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Whether at work or in our personal life, we all benefit from subscription services. They give us ease and convenience, and provide the security of uninterrupted service. And what’s worse than interrupted creativity? No one wants to have their next big idea fall victim to broken flow.

For years now, Adobe has offered subscriptions through its Value Incentive Plan (VIP) Buying Program, which has made it convenient for organizations and institutions of all sizes to purchase, deploy, and manage Adobe products. But, since we never stop looking for ways to delight our customers, we have been continually evolving to support new products, technology, and buying behaviours. This has led to our latest evolution, VIP Marketplace, which revolutionises the future of Adobe subscriptions.

VIP Marketplace is designed to allow our customers to purchase Adobe product licenses through their resellers’ marketplace platforms. This means that, in one simple transaction, you can purchase as many or as few licenses as you need, with the flexibility to add more as your organization grows. You can also bundle your Adobe licenses with licenses from other software vendors, saving you even more time. One of the biggest advantages of VIP Marketplace is the auto renewal function at the end of the licensing agreement; there’s no longer a need to worry about remembering to renew. Of course, you can opt out if you choose not to auto-renew.

In today’s fragmented world, we can always help our customers by keeping things simple, saving time, and giving you one less thing to think about. That’s the promise of VIP Marketplace.

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“VIP Marketplace adds true value to the businesses we serve; we can help them automate their businesses, scale faster, and simplify account management. And since it comes from Adobe, it means no one has to miss a day of being their creative best. It simply provides a better licensing experience.”

Claire Darley, Vice President, Digital Media Go to Market & Sales, Adobe EMEA

Adobe is working rapidly to assure parity between VIP and VIP Marketplace in terms of product offerings, pricing levels, and market segments, and has just released the much-anticipated volume discounting in VIP Marketplace. Resellers throughout the world have already started to offer licenses through VIP Marketplace on their cloud marketplaces, putting us in the best company in technology: Microsoft, Google, VMware, Symantec, and others.

If this has convinced you to get started with the offering, simply contact your reseller and ask about VIP Marketplace. We hope you’ll agree that VIP Marketplace can revolutionize the world of creativity.

Source : Adobe

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