Adobe Security Teams honored at the 2021 CSO50 and SC Awards

Adobe continues to be recognized for ongoing thought leadership in the security community.

Adobe continues to be recognized for its ongoing thought leadership in the security community. This week, two teams from Adobe security have been acknowledged by top industry publications, CSO and SC Magazine.

CSO50 Awards 2021

The CSO50 Awards recognizes 50 organizations for security projects and initiatives that demonstrate outstanding business value and thought leadership. The CSO50 Awards are scored according to a uniform set of criteria by a panel of judges that includes security leaders, industry experts and academics.

Adobe is proud to be recognized again this year for the CSO50 Awards. This year’s project winner is our Near Real Time Compliance Automation: Common Controls Framework (CCF) Automation. Since the launch of our open-source Common Controls Framework (CCF), now at version 4.0, our Technology Governance, Risk and Compliance (TechGRC) team has been working to develop an automation platform to help our teams meet the requirements of various regulations and industry standards. This now automated platform has also enabled us to more quickly add regulations and standards as needed. It also helps ease integration of companies that Adobe acquires into our ongoing compliance framework.

SC Awards 2021

The SC Awards recognize the people, products and companies that enable organizations large and small, public and private, to protect their most critical assets. Over 600 nominations from around the world were received for this year’s SC Awards.

Our Security Coordination Center (SCC) was recognized by the SC Awards as Threat Seekers of the Year. Threat intelligence is fast becoming a baseline component in industrial cybersecurity for many companies, Adobe is being recognized for its efforts to go above and beyond that baseline. The Adobe SCC continues to enhance its threat intelligence operations and procedures, creating a new framework that breaks analysis down into four steps: collect information that’s relevant, be efficient, make your findings analyst-driven and make your intelligence deliverable to other parties. The framework relies on a maturity model leveraging machine learning and security automation and orchestration (SOAR) to develop unique risk scores for potential internal cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The changes allowed security teams to elevate the profile of potentially overlooked threats and improve communication between the security team and other stakeholders.

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Thank you!

We would like to thank the CSO50 and SC Awards selection committees for this recognition and our team members that continue to deliver security innovation and thought leadership for Adobe and our customers.

Source : Adobe

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