We asked our talent team what their best career advice is for 2021

With the start of the new year, many people are looking for new opportunities. For those looking to develop their career or find a new job, we asked our talent team for their best advice. Their responses below highlight the need for individuals to be authentic, to develop themselves outside of their day job, and more. Here’s what they said.


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What is your one piece of advice for people looking to develop their career or look for a new job in 2021?

Mark Lipscomb, vice president of global talent

“One of the most impactful things I have tried to do over my career is to take time to reflect. Self-reflection is a powerful way to help you increase your own self-awareness. Developing a better understanding of yourself–your strengths, your passions, and your values, will help you tremendously as you grow your career.”

Mark Lipscomb, vice president of global talent

“Remember job searching is always a two-way process, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Ensure you are clear about what you are looking for and the value you bring, and make sure the organisation you are talking to is somewhere you can see yourself thrive.”

— Becks Clarke, director of talent acquisition, EMEA

“Developing your career starts with yourself. Invest the time in yourself to discover what brings you energy and what piques your curiosity….and follow that. Invest the time outside of your ‘day job’ to read and learn. The most successful leaders I know are doing something that engages and gives them energy.”

Trisha Colton, VP of talent acquisition

“If you’re looking for a new role or a change in career, remember that you need to leverage all the channels available to you. Firstly, leverage your networks. People you know and have worked with you previously are your best reference. Recruitment agencies and search firms provide access to opportunities that are not always online. Finally, build your professional and social profiles so that you can be found. Using all available channels increases your chances of finding a new role, being found and letting people know you are open to new opportunities.”

— Allen Russell, director of talent acquisition, JAPAC

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Danielle Clark, senior director of global talent development

“My advice is for people to honestly reflect on what kind of work they really enjoy, and which pieces are demotivating for them, rather than a specific job title. Then when reviewing roles, you can look for those pieces to get a better sense of potential fit. I’d also encourage people to look for roles that would be a stretch: just because you don’t meet every bullet point on a job description doesn’t mean you don’t have the potential to do it well.”

Danielle Clark, senior director of global talent development

“Stay focused and be alive to what’s changing. Your idea of where you want to go could well be shaped by how things are evolving around you. Ask yourself three questions:

What gives me joy and stirs my passion?
What’s new about this—has anything changed recently in the way I see my goals?
What am I willing to invest to get there?”

— Amrita Madiah, director of talent development, India

Punith Suvarna, senior director of talent acquisition

“Get clear on what you want and own it! Developing a career involves many factors and it is important to see what you can control and define what you want. Think on and make a note about your dream in life, what you are most passionate about, and then define your values, strengths, vision, and translate these into your short term and long-term goals. Once this is done, start chasing your dream! Most importantly, never stop learning.”

Punith Suvarna, senior director of talent acquisition

Marie Norman, director of global diversity talent acquisition

“Your attitude determines your altitude. Be mindful of what drives your actions, thoughts, decisions and overall attitude, because what you perceive and put in is exactly what you will get. By acknowledging this, be ready to see what you can and will achieve both personally and professionally.”

Marie Norman, director of global diversity talent acquisition

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