Video track featured sessions at Adobe MAX 2021

Adding video into your creative toolset is a must if you want to be socially relevant in today’s marketplace. Editors, motion designers, and animators — or those that aspire to be one — can benefit from the video track at Adobe MAX 2021. Learn how to bring your creative ideas into motion and develop the skills you need for editing video, designing motion graphics, creating animations, and more. Plus gain new skills, perspectives, and ideas from the talented lineup of session leaders and luminary speakers.

From shooting and editing videos to designing for motion, the speakers and sessions in the Adobe MAX video track will teach you how to capture, edit, and finesse your clips with the video tools available in Creative Cloud.

Who you’ll meet

Editors, motion graphic designers, post-production professionals, educators, social media influencers, designers, and other creative pros who want to learn how to design for motion or edit video.

L572: Learn Premiere Pro Basics in One Hour

Josh Olufemii, YouTube Creator and Premiere Pro Trainer

Have fun learning Premiere Pro while YouTube Creator and Premiere Pro trainer Josh Olufemii takes you through an actual project from start to finish. This fast-paced lab will teach you Premiere Pro basics so that you can leave empowered to create your own videos. You’ll also gain an understanding of the Premiere Pro interface and video editing terminology. Attend this lab to kick-start your Premiere Pro editing journey.

In this lab you will learn how to:

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Import and organize your footage
Edit your footage including simple color correction
Sync audio
Apply simple graphic elements
Export your project in the formats needed

L573: Beginning Motion Design: Must-Know Techniques

Nol Honig, Designer and Director, The Drawing Room

Dive into After Effects — it’s not that scary! In this beginner lab led by award-winning teacher Nol Honig, you will explore the fundamentals of motion design and learn basic After Effects tips and techniques to get you going on your own. Starting with an Illustrator drawing, you will be taken through every step of a simple motion design project — from setting keyframes all the way through rendering.

As Nol sets up and animates a simple scene, you will learn:

The After Effects interface
How to import layered artwork into After Effects
Animation best practices and shortcuts
Animation techniques to add sophistication to your work

L578: Level Up Your Brand with Premiere Pro

Valentina Vee, Director and Video Trainer

In the crowded creator economy, it’s hard to stand out. One way to ensure your followers recognize you across all your social media channels is to have a consistent theme, look, and mood throughout — while still understanding what type of content is best for each platform and audience. Join director, cinematographer, and editor Valentina Vee and learn how to use the built-in features of Premiere Pro to customize the look and feel of your content so that no matter where you post your videos, they are always uniquely yours.

Join this follow-along lab to learn how to:

Create a consistent color palette
Customize graphics templates
Import your own logo
Create assets like intros and lower third graphics
Scale with different frame sizes for different social networks

S552: Motion Design Skills for Video Editors

Kyle Hamrick, Senior Motion Designer, School of Motion

Adding motion design into video projects is becoming more critical every day. Join veteran multimedia professional Kyle Hamrick to learn basic motion design techniques in Premiere Pro and After Effects that you’ll put to instant use. You’ll also learn how to efficiently work between Premiere Pro and After Effects.

This session will cover:

Animating elements in Premiere Pro and After Effects
Using customizable Motion Graphics templates to easily apply intros, lower thirds, outros and more
Tracking elements into your shots to add interest to a clip
Isolating or removing unwanted objects in footage
Compositing multiple scenes together in After Effects

L575: Creating Motion Graphics for Social Media

Luisa Winters, Adobe Certified Instructor, Mid-Atlantic Drones, LLC

Learn how to animate your graphics for Social Media delivery — using Creative Cloud apps that you already have. Join After Effects expert and veteran educator, Luisa Winters in this follow-along lab where you’ll explore how to animate and efficiently deliver your work for social media. See how you can design once and then deliver for multiple platforms correctly, with the dimensions that work best for each delivery venue.

As Luisa guides you through creating and delivering your animations, you’ll learn:

How After Effects works
How to create a simple animation by starting with Photoshop and Illustrator
What works (and what doesn’t) for Social Media
Foolproof methods for exporting your work for social media

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