Graphic Design Track at Adobe MAX 2021

Calling all graphic designers! Adobe MAX 2021 is your chance to connect with fellow passionate designers and learn from the brightest minds in the industry.

Through the Graphic Design track, you’ll make the most of Creative Cloud by learning key techniques, time-saving tips and tricks, and all new ways of working across multiple design disciplines and industries. Topics cover all aspects of design including web and mobile graphics, logos, icons, illustrations, publications, data visualization, photo manipulation and compositing.

This track will be led by creative directors, visual strategists and storytellers in the design space who will inspire you by sharing their strategies, experiences, and techniques. Explore sessions and speakers below.

Colorful collage of creatives and their illustrations.

Who you’ll meet

Designers working across multiple design disciplines, including 3D: Graphic designers, graphic artists, 3D designers, print designers, creative directors, art directors, publication designers, print production pros, students.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Capture

The Future of Design: Creating the World You Want to See

Laci Jordan: Multidisciplinary Designer, Illustrator, Creative Director, So Laci Like

How do you build a career in the design industry as a Black female creative when you may be the only person of color at the table? How do you create the world you would like to both see and live in? Join designer Laci Jordan as she shares how she built a successful career on a design aesthetic that is authentic, unapologetic, and wildly popular, with a client list that includes Disney, Google, Nike, and more.

You’ll learn:

How to navigate the industry as a person of color as well as an entry-level designer
The importance of leading with and staying true to your values
How to attract the type of clients and projects you want to work with
How to define and grow your own personal brand

Transforming Any Document into a Digital Experience with InDesign

Kladi Vergine, Award-Winning Designer, Visual Strategist, Instructor, and Author, Studio Printmysoul

Learn how to transform any document into an immersive digital experience in only a few simple steps with InDesign. Join visual strategist Kladi Vergine as she demonstrates how to set up, build, and publish a document that’s ready to be shared with the world. You’ll see how easily you can embrace the new generation of online documents with InDesign — from adding hyperlinks that direct readers to your website or social networks to adding videos and interactive image galleries that bring your content to life.

In this session, Kladi will show you how to:

Set up a document so that it’s ready for the web
Include active hyperlinks
Add interactive buttons and videos
Publish your document online
Update your online document with a click

Photoshop for Visual Design: Pro Tips and Techniques

Michael Flarup, Designer, Entrepreneur and Speaker

Join visual designer and MAX Master Michael Flarup to learn actionable Photoshop tips and techniques. As Michael shares examples from his work, you’ll discover everything from essential shortcuts to boost your productivity to the secrets behind his signature colorful and dimensional app icon designs. If you’re an aspiring visual designer and Photoshop is your main tool for creating interfaces, icons, and branding, this session is guaranteed to give you at least one “Wow, I didn’t know Photoshop could do that!” moment.

Join this session to learn:

The subtle art of balancing dimensionality and tactility in icon and UI design
Using layer styles to bend light and make any material from simple shape layers
Fake 3D for 2D designers

Into the Illustrator Multiverse with COVL

COVL, Multidisciplinary Artist and Storyteller,

Discover and explore with multidisciplinary artist COVL as she shares her creative world through Illustrator and Adobe Fresco on the iPad. Learn how she creates for different mediums and leverages the two apps to illustrate and scale as big as her creativity demands. You’ll leave this lab inspired to take your work to the next level or medium to achieve your creative best.

You’ll learn how to:

Move from ideation to sketching and executing ideas using Illustrator on the iPad
Sketch in Adobe Fresco before painting on canvas
Use Illustrator on the iPad and desktop to design and execute an illustration that needs to scale

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