Small Business supports Small Business Week

Adobe’s CoCreate: Small Business program supports Small Business Week.

The pandemic’s impact has been devastating and far-reaching, especially for small businesses. And in many cases, the creative community and independent entrepreneurs have been hit the hardest. Because small businesses are so varied and widespread, they have the unique power to make a meaningful impact by boosting local economies and supporting diverse communities of all kinds.

Heading into Small Business Week, Adobe is celebrating a new iteration of CoCreate — a program designed to connect creators to meaningful paid gigs. This new initiative, called CoCreate: Small Business, is designed to foster a mutually beneficial opportunity by matching small businesses in need of creative services with creators who have the skillsets.

We’ve poured through hundreds of amazing applications and narrowed it down to 21 entrepreneurs who showcase the vast diversity of ideas and pursuits that make up the small business community. Soon, we will match these small businesses with top creators from around the world who will be paid to help with a myriad of creative projects to support their business needs and the communities they serve.

We’re excited to introduce a selection of the small businesses joining our first CoCreate: Small Business cohort. Stay tuned as we facilitate these impactful partnerships and help uplift these entrepreneurs and small business owners through creativity and collaboration. We’ll have more to share soon.

Photo of owner of Edge On Travel

Edge On Travel

Edge on Travel is a boutique travel agency that provides customized travel service. Owner Alice Stokke is a recovering lawyer with a passion for travel and over 20 years of travel planning expertise. We empower solo travelers with education and detailed planning and also provide professional travel advice to couples, families and groups.

Photo of owner of ROJOrganics


ROJOrganics (pronounced rōj-ȯr-ˈga-niks) is a natural skin and body care company founded by Indianapolis native, sickle cell advocate, and registered nurse, Jade J. Parker. Birthed out of her personal experiences in the healthcare industry, she was determined to find her way on the path to health in quality and quantity for herself and others. With a mission that provides a safe space for minorities, Blacks, and women to engage in self-care from a holistic approach, she looks to make a positive impact on their learning the value of embracing the authenticity and beauty that lies within each of us, naturally and organically.

Photo of owners of Ramos & Hatch Chiropractic

Ramos & Hatch Chiropractic

The name of my business is Ramos & Hatch Chiropractic. My name is Dr. Dennis Hatch, chiropractor, and co-owner of Ramos & Hatch Chiropractic. My business is a family centered chiropractic facility that utilizes evidence-based techniques coupled with compassion and precise care.

Photo of owner of Perfect + Paperless

Perfect + Paperless

My business is Perfect + Paperless. This business was founded based on my love for all things productivity including planners, notebooks, stickers, etc. My business values creating a community of creatives who hone in on their creativity while also maintaining productivity, accomplishing goals, and checking off their to-do lists! My business aims to offer a wide variety of digital productivity products for people of all experience levels and all lifestyles.

Photo of owner of Nuggie Paw Shop

Nuggie Paw Shop

Nuggie Paw Shop was born from our pawssion for animals and creating curated eco-friendly pieces that would make people and animals happy while helping our community and our planet. My name is Silvia, I am a proud Latina! I am a wife, a dog-mom, an entrePAWneur and the owner/creative soul behind the shop! Our promise and mission is to donate part of our profit to selected animal shelters and to grow hand in hand with all of our collaborators to achieve the bigger dream of having a successful eco-friendly company that will give back!

Photo of owner of Hurray Kimmay

Hurray Kimmay

I’m Kimmay Caldwell, the owner of Hurray Media LLC, and founder of Hurray Kimmay and the Bra Confidence and Comfort Course. We create media partnerships with brands that educate and inspire folks of all types to use undergarments as a self-love tool. We do this by eliminating confusion, discomfort, and shame and elevating the everyday routine of putting on a bra into a self-care ritual. We are committed to inclusivity, compassion, authenticity, and supporting folks of all kinds to love themselves, their bodies, and each other. Or, as we say: say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™. Hurray!

Photo of owner of Cocoacentric


Cocoacentric is a brand of ethically handmade, curated, and vintage jewelry & accessories. Our brand is inspired by fashion bold statement style, modern art and nature. The word Cocoa represents our hue, and Centric is the balance and wholeness we aspire to hold in our space and our collective community. Cocoacentric was founded by owner & designer LaToya McInnis in 2017. As the founder of the brand, I am the jewelry maker, handle marketing, and the creative Direction of the brand. Cocoacentric was born out of a desire for self-expression and to tell visual stories through fashion and accessories. “I wanted to live a meaningful life filled with art, wholeness and creativity”. Our goal is to remain true to our unique style, identity and diverse culture. We take pride in making women feel beautiful by adorning them in beautiful, high-quality accessories. We understand that when one looks good, they feel good!

Photo of owner of Harlem Cycle

Harlem Cycle

I am Tammeca Rochester, owner and founder of Harlem Cycle. Harlem Cycle is Harlem’s 1st and only fitness studio dedicated to indoor cycling. We are a community focused fitness studio teaching more than 3000+ Cardio focused classes a year that embody the spirit and culture that has made Harlem unique.

Photo of owner of Ting’s


We’re Ting’s! And I’m Tiffany, the founder & CEO (and salesperson, assistant, bookkeeper, etc.) of this superfood-driven food brand. As serious food lovers, we are on a mission to fight world hunger because we love food and believe everybody should have access to it.

Photo of owner of The Canine Communication Coach

The Canine Communication Coach

My name is B. James Woods and I am the sole owner and operator of The Canine Communication Coach, LLC. I believe every dog deserves a fulfilling life so I coach stressed out dog owners in the Joplin, MO area go from feeling hopeless and ashamed to feeling confident and educated through a rewarding, easy, and judgement-free professional and force-free dog training.

Photo of owner of Miracaza Real Estate Solutions

Miracaza Real Estate Solutions

Miracaza Real Estate Solutions is a black owned, innovative, full-service virtual community based independent real estate brokerage. I’m Miranda Carter, CPA, principal broker & founder. Our mission is to provide excellent customer service, which is transparent, simple, and informative for our clients by harnessing technology to provide forward thinking solutions.

Photo of owner of MumsKitchens NYC .

MumsKitchens NYC

MumsKitchens NYC is a women-run, family-owned business in the heart of Southeast Queens. We all came together to bring the taste of home to the marketplace. We offer Fresh Baked Breads, Scrumptious Cookies, Decadent Brownies. 33 assorted flavors, as well as a House Blended small batch Pineapple/Mango Dipping Sauce. MumsKitchens NYC is more than just great food — above all we are striving to be a cornerstone in the communities we serve, dedicated to creating a warm, welcoming and safe environment for our team and clients, who become family. MumsKitchens NYCs continued focus is one where Integrity, Caring, Hard work, and Innovation are the cornerstones we build our business on, providing the highest quality bakery products and the best possible service to our clients and the food industry.

Photo of owners of Art Attack!

Art Attack!

Over the past 26 years, mother-daughter duo Nancy and Audrey have grown Art Attack from their garage into a beloved staple in their corner of the Bay Area. More than just an oil painting studio, Art Attack is a home for students of all ages to grow creatively and personally. It isn’t just a place where you go to paint — it’s an artistic community; a support group — a safe space to explore unique and diverse perspectives while building lifelong friendships.

Photo of owner of 321 Foto

321 Foto

Hi, I am Marilee Kimball, owner of 321 Foto. We provide photo experiences for events, from small weddings to large scale corporate activations. Our services range from old school photo booths that deliver prints, to 360 & FX video booths with social sharing. We are deeply rooted in the arts, with an emphasis placed on supporting museum & cultural events. We take it pretty seriously, but we are in the business of FUN.

Photo of owner of Jac Gardens

Jac Gardens

I would love to introduce you to Jac Gardens! My name is Alex Salcedo, I am the owner of Jac Gardens but I can’t take all the credit, I have a beautiful family that helps me with my designs and assembling my beautiful arrangements. We are a family-owned business in the heart of Hollister, CA. We specialize in custom arrangements for your home, wedding, anniversaries and special events. We offer creative workshops for a day of fun with your friend or family. No two arrangements are the same, I use the beauty of natural wood or refurbished material.

Photo of owner of Geaux Innovation Agency

Photo of owner of Geaux Innovation Agency

Geaux Innovation Agency

Geaux (pronounced “Go”) Innovation Agency is an innovation development, business management, and strategy consultancy that focuses our services on the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Co-founder Dr. Ramsey L. Smith translates his 15 years of experience in scientific research, technology development, innovation management, science/technology investment portfolio management, entrepreneurship, and consulting to our clients. Geaux Innovation aligns our price point, support, and services to provide accessible resources for our clients to execute efficiently, increase productivity and grow with confidence.

Photo of owner of Cornelia Home

Cornelia Home

Cornelia Home is a natural, simple, sophisticated home and body brand. My name is Kianna Riley and I am the founder and owner of Cornelia Home that launched in November 2020. As a 2x breast cancer survivor, curating natural, non-toxic and chemical-free products are the core values of Cornelia Home.

Photo of owner of PaperGirl Collection

PaperGirl Collection

PaperGirl Collection is a lifestyle brand for little girls featuring illustrated dresses, storybooks, toys, and room decor. PaperGirl celebrates childhood curiosity, discovery and creative freedom in every of our thoughtfully designed products. Ana Bianchi is the founder and designer of all the PaperGirl products: from creating the art to writing the stories for the books, her goal is to spark little girls imagination and foster creativity and discovery.

Source : Adobe

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