How to copy a color in Procreate?

Are illustrator, graphic artistor just a fan of He drew and you just received Procreatethe best drawing app for iPad ! You wish copy a color in Procreate and you wonder how to achieve it.

Discover the various existing solutions, whether copy a color already present in your illustration or of copy a color taken from the web!


Learn how colors work in Procreate

First, familiarize yourself with the tool Color in Procreate.

This is located at the top right of the screen โ€“ just click on the colored dot to open the panel. Color.

This is divided into 5 sections: The Color Disk, The “Classic” Square, Color Harmony, Color Value, and Color Palettes.

Today we are going to focus on the first tab which is the color wheel.

From this disk, you can choose the colors you want for your illustration.

Below this disk, the history allows you to easily find a color that has already been used.

How to copy a color already present in your illustration in Procreate

Your design is ready: the contours of your illustration are drawn, you are at the stage of Colorant. you started to Colorant part of you He drewAnd you want copy a color already present in your illustration.

You have two options for this:

  • With the purpose of copy a color already present in your design, you just have to use the color picker, equivalent to the eyedropper in photoshop! To do this, nothing could be simpler: keep your finger pressed for a few seconds on the the colors wanted. Immediately, the little dot at the top right of your screen is replaced by the selected color. You can use it!
  • From the Color panel, find the colors you’ve used before in the History section. Only the last ten colors used are displayed in this section.

How to copy a color found on the web to use in Procreate

you want to use a the colors present in a image taken from the web?

To do this, simply import this image into your illustration. For learn how to import an image into Procreatefind my article on the subject.

So you just need to use the color picker : In the same way as explained above, while holding down on the the colors desired for a few seconds. Immediately, Procreate the copy : You can now Colorant with this color

How to import a color into your Procreate palette

Procreate is a great tool that offers you many possibilities!

you want to use a the colors Accurate in your illustration. 2 options are available to you:

  • If you know the values โ€‹โ€‹of this the colors, you just have to go to the Colors Panel and then to the Value section. Here you can enter your color information in 3 different ways: according to its HSB code, according to its RGB code or according to its web code.
  • You also canimport a palette from the Color panelUnder the title palettes. To do this, I invite you to read my article on the subject.

Well done ! Now you know copy a color in Procreate. Don’t forget to save your work in Procreate ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you want to go further, feel free to check out my other articles on this amazing drawing app.

If you want to discover the illustrations I made with Procreate, visit!

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