How to fade in Procreate?

Welcome to my new article about Procreate, the program of He drew reference on ipad ! Today I teach you how to fade into procreate ? Because it is always useful to know how to blur a drawing 😉

How to fade in Procreate?

To do this, there are different techniques: you can blur using thefinger toolor through a blur tool. Let’s take a closer look.

How to mix with the finger tool?

You can chooseblur a given surface: for example, you want blur the border between two colors in your drawing.

To do this, select the finger tool, second button at the top right of your screen.

As with the Brush Tool and the Eraser Tool, you can choose the type of brush you will blur with: to do this, double click on the finger button and the library of brushes will appear. It may be a good technique to select the same brush with which you did the lines to mixin order to maintain a certain uniformity.

For soft mixI suggest you use the “Soft Brush” in the “Airbrush” folder.

Once selected, go to the layer in question, go to the level blur and blur with your stylus.

How do I blur with the Gaussian Blur tool?

Depending on the desired result, you can also choose to use the Gaussian Blur tool to blur or blur your drawing.

Go to the Settings menu (magic wand), at the top left of your screen.

South Cliquez gaussian bluryou have two options: apply the Gaussian blur to the entire layer or to an area using the stylus.

How to blur with Gaussian Blur

Make a gaussian blur on the entire layer.

Click the “Layer” button under “Gaussian Blur.” On your drawing, move your pencil to the right: this allows you to measure the percentage of blur.

How to blur with the blur tool

Make a Gaussian blur on a specific area

If you want a more precise rendering and apply Gaussian blur only to a localized part of your drawing, just choose the “Pen” button under “Gaussian Blur” andapply blur with the pencil.

well done now you know blur et fade with Procreate. On the same topic, I invite you to read my article How to make a gradient in Procreate.

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