Adobe Premiere Rush and Triple Scoop Music hit the right note

Adobe Premiere Rush app has new songs and sound effects courtesy of Triple Scoop Music and Splice. From EDM to hip hop, now available for your video edits.

Tons of royalty-free soundtracks

We are beyond thrilled to announce our partnership with Triple Scoop Music. Known for their hand-picked audio and roster of independent songwriters, artists and composers around the globe, we have added tons of their songs into Adobe Premiere Rush, and they are royalty-free for Rush users. Choose from a collection of high-quality songs that are catchy enough to top the charts. Additionally, our audio library is packed with thousands of sound effects and music tracks available in this release. Plus, we continue to expand our audio library to give more and more ways to bring your videos to life. With video creators around the world looking for the perfect sounds, it has never been easier to level up your edits with audio.

Search, filter, find

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or want to browse the audio library, we’ve got you covered. You can explore the entire audio library, complete with soundtracks, sound effects, and loops, all within Rush. You can also filter by each respective category and search for familiar music genres — from EDM to hip hop, from classical to blues. Plus, common sound effects with a range of choices are also available — everything from laughter to tears, and everything you can think of in between.

Here, there, and everywhere

Whether you are planning to share your videos on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, it is nice to know that audio will not be an issue. Royalty-free music and sounds ensure you will not run into copyright issues when posting videos online. Simplifying the process of licensing world-class music, you can add music directly to your videos from Rush’s audio browser, adjust audio levels throughout your edit, and share directly to your social channels right from the Rush app. Try out the new audio today with the latest version of Premiere Rush on iOS, Android, or desktop. We cannot wait to see — and hear — what you create. Share your new edits with us @AdobeVideo #MadeWithRush

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Source : Adobe

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