August’s free Character Animator puppet Ricky is rooting for you

Need a little motivation to get started animating? Everyone needs a cheerleader, and the Ricky puppet is here to cheer you and your team on. Ricky cannot sit idle in the stands while his favorite team plays for victory on the field. Ricky likes to use his bullhorn and the “Go Team” sign. His goal is to hype you and the crowd. Now you can download your own personal cheerleader.

The Ricky puppet was created by Scott Klass at Renegade Animation. Scott is an amazing character animator and a versatile industry professional, working in both the creative and production fields. His creative work includes storyboarding and compositing for Bojack Horseman, directing animation for the official Disney Princess website, storyboard revisionist for The Tom & Jerry Show, as well as story artist and animator on educational shorts.

Renegade Animation produces smart, funny, and always original animated content for film, television, advertising, streaming products, and other media. The studio’s strengths lie in personality-based character animation. The studio is home to some of the world’s most talented artists who share an unrivaled commitment and enthusiasm for their art. Together, Renegade and Scott also created one of the early Character Animator in-app tutorials, the Alex puppet, and the Movie Snack puppets.

The Ricky puppet comes with triggers, replays, head turns, four cheers, lots of hand movements and gestures, various eyelid shapes, and eyebrow expressions. Combine Ricky with the free Sports Team mascot ball characters for a winning team. Let’s get a little animated!

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Source : Adobe

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