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Adobe’s annual government event — Experience Makers Government Forum — will be held on June 15th. Click here to view a PDF of the agenda and browse the sessions.

Join thousands of your peers for this virtual conference, and learn from government decision-makers, technology experts and industry thought leaders as they share the latest public sector modernization trends, innovations, and best practices.

Experience the 2021 Adobe Government Forum

This year’s theme is digital experiences that put people first. Our sessions will cover how government agencies can improve workforce productivity and customer experience.

Government agencies and industry leaders will share how to enhance employee and citizen experiences, use technology to improve the quality and speed of digital service delivery, and how to best optimize your agency as you continue to adapt to the changing service and technology expectations influenced by the Pandemic and other disruptive influences.

In addition to the sessions, there are Experience Center booths and networking sessions that will bring you together with solutions experts, government leaders and your peers. We also have CPE credits available for sessions.


Designed for professionals across all of government

This year’s event is designed to meet the needs and interests of people across all of government. When you attend, you will:

Hear from federal government leaders and technology experts on how to build integrated digital experiences that aid citizens and support the workforce.
Explore how the Department of Defense (DoD) uses digital solutions to engage and communicate with service members and their families, as well as a civilian workforce.
Discover how national security, law enforcement, and public safety agencies collaborate, create, and securely share information to help protect the public.
Learn how state and local governments are improving digital services, expanding remote access, and providing tools for their workforce.

Sessions & Speakers

There will be a total of 16 sessions, with a kick-off by Adobe’s chairman, president and CEO, Shantanu Narayen followed by two dynamic sessions to get things started.

The first is a fireside chat between Anil Chakravarthy, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Experience Business at Adobe and Donna Morris, executive vice president, chief people officer at Walmart. Their conversation will focus on how improving employee experiences transforms services.

When we look at the private sector, we see that better employee experiences naturally flow into better service experiences. In this session, Morris will get to the heart of Walmart’s efforts to build a broad and diverse employee network that helps improve professional development and growth.

The next is a global panel discussion moderated by former Federal CIO, Suzette Kent. She is joined by Peter Alexander, deputy chief executive officer, Digital Transformation Agency, Australia, and Dave Zvenyach, head of technology transformation office, GSA. They will share best practices in implementing strategies that enable exceptional experiences within their organizations and communities.

Following our opening panels, we will have four sessions, each with four tracks: Federal Civilian, Department of Defense, National Security, and State and Local. Click here to view a PDF of the agenda and see all the sessions.

Here are some other sessions that highlight the power of digital transformation in government:

Solutions and approaches to improve employee engagement

Meeting changing needs during a pandemic requires an agile, efficient, and engaged workforce.

Join federal leaders in this session as they discuss:

How to move faster, while adapting to changing policies and citizen needs
Create an engaged, collaborative, connected, and highly productive workforce
Improve the employee experience: boost low engagement and delivery of critical services

Martha Dorris, former government executive and founder of Dorris Consulting International, will moderate the panel with the following speakers:

Airis Gill, director, Veteran’s Experience Office, VA
Sharon Ballard, director, Office of Internal Management and Planning, NIH
Janice Gonzalez, branch chief, Engagement and Development Branch, NIH

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Digital solutions to support service careers from recruitment to retirement

Join Congresswoman Gwen Moore and former Congressman and the 32nd Undersecretary of the Army, Patrick J. Murphy, to see how military branches are “building back better” by modernizing their recruiting, onboarding, and career advancement processes.

In this session, you will learn how to:

Improve the full life cycle of a service member’s career journey
Easily manage approval processes — from vetting new contractors to approving leave time — all in one dashboard
Use paperless processes and distributed content-creation to allow service members to collaborate and communicate securely from anywhere in the world

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The makings of a digital capitol

The City of Sacramento set its sights to become the best managed city in America. At the heart of their goal was a plan to transition to paperless government and better personalize communication so they reached citizens with information that was both relevant and timely.

Join a discussion with the City of Sacramento’s IT manager, Mrudual Sadanandan, to learn more about their approach, and the practical steps they took to deliver an experience their citizens love.

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NextGen Recruiting: How to connect with recruits through innovative IT

People now expect every digital experience to be intuitive and seamless from beginning to end.

This includes the world of recruiting.

Modern recruiting is a multi-step optimization effort. It requires:

Finding your ideal audience in the channels they use most
Creating compelling messaging that connects them with the opportunities that align personally with them
Making it easy for them to get information and submit their information quickly to learn more has been a leading example of recruiting best practices in government. They reach recruits with interactive and engaging mobile experiences. Data and insights enable them to continually improve their targeting and messaging to attract and retain the best, most qualified candidates.

Hear from Sunni Thompson, executive director of Wunderman Thompson, who worked with the U.S. Marine Corps to transform their back-end workflows to give recruits the ideal, seamless, intuitive digital experience they expect today.

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Centralizing government projects and assets under one platform

With the current environment, planning for and safeguarding government mission continuity is top priority.

To achieve smooth mission continuity, organizational leaders need to automate processes, centralize communications, resources, and connected work experiences across all government functions.

Join us to learn through specific use cases how a large state standardized their judicial processes and how integrations with other systems make it easy to deliver efficient, streamlined customer-facing services, as well as manage internal projects.

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Creating smooth digital enrollment and onboarding processes

It’s tough to move forward with time-sensitive and mission-critical projects when they are hampered by manual and paper-based processes.

If your agency is still using PDFs that have to be printed, signed, scanned, and returned — this session is for you.

See what’s possible by hearing from agencies that have successfully modernized their forms, data capture, e-signatures and workflows. You will see how they improved productivity and workplace efficiency, as well as lowered costs.

Speakers include:

Hayden Smith Temin, assistant director, Human Resources Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Andrew Borene, Civil Liberties, privacy & transparency officer, National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), Office of the Director of National Intelligence

We will walk through a scenario showing how fast it can be to onboard contractors and how easy it is to track multiple approval processes with digital dashboards.

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Delivering services through the digital front door

One out of three people in Los Angeles County rely on the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS). As the largest agency of its kind in the United States, the organization (with nearly 14,000 employees) is frequently a lifeline for many of the most vulnerable in the community.

During COVID-19, traditional office visits to address problems ranging from job placement to housing and food instability became impossible. The only way to reach people was through web and mobile devices. So, customer-centric web design to deliver services digitally became even more crucial.

Hear from the Bureau Director and Chief Information Officer of Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) on how they built a foundation to deliver great customer experiences through an agile, user-centric website.

Their design helps the communications team keep content current and have access to real-time relevant data, and gives the team insights to prioritize improvements that align with visitor needs.

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Meeting website visitor needs with personalized content

Online self-service has been proven to significantly lower costs and save time when compared to call centers.

In this session, our speakers will:

Showcase a scenario where a federal department personalized their website for non-North American visitors in order to reduce a surge in call center volume
Unveil the steps they took to pinpoint the issue, test possible solutions, and reroute visitors through personalized website forms based on their location
Share other use cases and how A/B testing and personalization can improve your service delivery experience.

Speakers include Ahmed Elemam and Karim Elemam from AKM.

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Adopting a Zero Trust architecture in government

We all know that cybersecurity has been in the news a lot in 2021. What government agencies and the private sector have come to recognize is that the old ways to ensure network and device security are not enough.

The importance of adopting Zero Trust Architecture in government has grown. President Biden recently released an Executive Order directing all federal government agencies to review their security practices and move towards Zero Trust.

But what is Zero Trust? And how can your agency gain better control over network, data and device security?

In this session, we will discuss how to further secure your workforce, enhance protection for apps and data (such as high-value assets, personally identifiable information, etc.), and safeguard supply chain information.

Hear from experts on how your government organization can adopt an integrated Zero Trust Architecture approach through Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) 3.0, Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring (CDM), and other Department of Defense (DoD) initiatives.

Adobe’s John Lewington is moderating this session, and the speakers include:

Sean Connelly, TIC Program Manager, CISA
John MacKinnon, Partner, AWS
Greg Landrum, Partner, Deloitte

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Register to attend Government Forum today

As you can tell, there is a great deal happening at Government Forum.

Registerfor Government Forum today, so you can attend on June 15. For those who attend LIVE, there are CPE credits available as well as networking lounges and Experience Center booths that cover a wide array of government agency needs. All those who register will get access to the on-demand sessions.

On behalf of the entire Adobe Public Sector team, all our sponsors and partners, I look forward to seeing you at Government Forum on June 15th.

Source : Adobe

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