How to use the eraser in Procreate?

Welcome to this new article by Créa Tutorium, tutorials to everyone’s destinations creativelovers of He drew or professionals in illustrationwanting to better learn how to use Procreate, theapplication lighthouse He drew for iPad. today I explain how to use eraser in procreate.

Why use the eraser in Procreate?

You’re in the middle of some creative work and suddenly oops! You’ve passed! You want to rectify the shooting and for that you will need erase. I already told you about it in my article. How to delete in Procreate, but let’s see today in more detail how to use eraser in procreate.

How to use the eraser in Procreate?

If you like erase with your stylusfor that, nothing could be simpler: you just have to select the draft of the panel eraserat the top right of the screen, between the finger tool and the layer stack.

You have the option to choose the tip of your eraser in the list of proposed brushes. I tend to recommend that you use the same brush for the eraser as you do for the brush, to keep some consistency in your work.

You can also choose theopacity of your eraser thanks to the vertical bar on the left of your canvas. This allows you erase dimlyand blur certain areas of your work.

Another tip: Thanks to the next-generation Apple Pencil, you can switch from eraser to stylus by double-tapping the pencil. It’s a useful shortcut when you’re doing precision work.

Clear all content from a layer

You also have the option oferase all the contents of a layer without going through the tires. To do this, simply hover over the layer you want to erase. Click on it and press the button ” erase ” that appears. You can also swipe right on the layer and click supprimer.

Delete your last action

if you just want delete your last actions, nothing could be simpler: just click the back arrow at the bottom left of your screen. As with computer software, this command allows you to undo your last actions.

There you are, now you know how to use eraser in procreate and how erase the content of a layer or your last actions. If you want to go further, feel free to see my other article on the subject.

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