How to make shadows in Procreate?

You work with Procreate, the first drawing software for ipad, and you want to learn how to make shadows in procreate ? You are in the right place!

Procreate is the ideal tool for designers and lovers of He drew.

have you done He drew and today you want add a shadow to your object. I explain everything to you!

How to make shadows with hatching in Procreate

May make your shadow thanks to the paper pencil: for this, I advise you to use the Pencil 6 B brush in the Sketches list of your Brushes library.

with the pencil, hatching form at the level of the shadow to be created (for example, in this image, on the neck and on the nose).

In the same way as with a pencil, you can also create shadows holding your stylus at an angle, which will have the effect of making one side erase with your stylus, just like in “real life”. For example here I noticed this shading in the beret

As you can see, I combined these two techniques in various places in my drawing (hair, neck, chest, eyelids…).

How to do shading with color in Procreate

Next comes the coloring step.

Choose a wet watercolor or water-based brush from the Paint directory of your Brush Library.

You can add a the so-called “cold” color layer, that is, a slightly saturated gray tending towards blue. you can use this shading only for darkness transported objects, when you do not make a shading for skin

For more realismonce this color is applied, in another layer, you can pass a the so-called “warm” color layer at your level shading, that is, a dark color that pulls towards red. This is particularly suitable for shadows on the skin.

These two colors, when overlapped, will produce a natural tone on the skin

How to make color shadows in Procreate

When you’ve finished your work, don’t forget to Save your work to Procreate.

And here is the result of my drawing, after some tweaks in Photoshop:

This painting is available for sale, in my online store πŸ˜‰

Feel free to check my other articles about Procreate and comment, share, if you found it useful! πŸ˜‰

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