How to make a mandala in Procreate?

Welcome to this new tutorial for illustrators, designers and lovers of He drew wanting to learn how to use procreate request ! 🙂 Today we will see how to make a mandala in procreate ?

So how do you make a mandala in Procreate?

You want to explore the features of Procreate and all the possibilities it offers application offers in terms of creativity. Among them, the possibility of create a mandala.

What is a mandala?

First, let us define the term mandala.

Mandala is a Sanskrit term meaning ” circle“. She is a ” geometric representation and symbolic of the universe. This term is used for “any circular representation organized around a center”, it is an invitation to travel. (source: Karamandala).

Below are examples of Mandalas I made with Procreate : the plant world, marine life, love in all its forms, psychedelic trips and wild animals. You can find them on my website

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