How to copy a shape in Procreate?

You use Procreate, logiciel from He drew reference in iPad for the professions premium and theillustrationand you wonder how copy a shape ?

To do this, we will first see how create a shape in Procreate.

How to create a shape in Procreate?

Procreate is a great tool for He drew multi-faceted.

However, unlike Adobe Illustrator, this software does not offer a tool way default we need them designer oneself.

To do this, select a brush with thin and regular edges so that the contours of your shape are well defined. Ideally, I recommend the “technical pen” brush in the “Inking” category.

Make sure the line is thick enough so that the selection is easy to copy later.

Create a new layer and draw the shape you want.

If your hand shakes a little and you want your way it has well-defined outlines, you just need to hold down the stylus after creating your shape. Immediately, his form becomes perfectly symmetrical. At this point, as long as the pen remains pressed on the tablet, you can also resize your shape by moving the pen.

Another tip: if you want to make a perfect circle or square, before releasing the stylus, press your finger down on the tablet.

How to edit a shape?

you just created your way. Before releasing the pencil, at the top of the screen, a message appears: “Edit shape”.

You can click on it and you will be presented with a set of shapes, depending on the base shape you have drawn:” Ellipse“,” circle“,” rectangle“,” Quadrilateral“,” Triangle » are offered to you.

Edit a shape in Procreate

Tap on one of them and handles will appear on your shape – now you can adjust it to get the shape you want!

How to copy a shape in Procreate?

Your shape is finally drawn. Now you wonder how copier / necklace. To do this, you have several options at your disposal:

  • Hover over your shape’s layer and swipe left: the ” double Appear.
  • Press on the layer of your shape, a set of options appears: click on ” Copier“. Then, from the Actions Menu (wrench symbol), in the “Add” tab, press ” necklace«
  • If you like Copier a shape that contains a design you created on another layer (as a pattern, for example), see the next paragraph.

How to copy a shape containing pattern from another layer?

Its shape is created. For now, its outlines are filled but the form is empty. This is the procedure to follow:

Fill it with the Color Drop Tool (drag the color to the shape).

fill out a form

Then, from the Layer panel, go to the layer of your way, touch it and click “Select”. Your shape is selected

Select a shape in Procreate

Now position yourself on your pattern layer. Touch the layer and click ” Copier«

Copy a patterned shape in Procreate
Copy a shape in Procreate

Create a new layer. In the Actions menu, click ” necklace“.

Paste a patterned shape in Procreate

Well done ! Now you know how to copy and paste a shape in procreate ! Don’t forget to save your work in Procreate 😉

If you want to learn how to Copy and Paste in Procreate, beyond forms, you can read my other article on the subject!

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