We discover the new skills learnt by TikTok creators as they #LevelUpWithAdobe

From colour grading and lighting, to audio special effects, the #LevelUpWithAdobe TikTok creators have been busy flexing their production skills using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

Ready to push their content to new limits and polish their editing skills, the creators embarked on a bespoke eight-session programme hosted by Adobe Ambassador, Joe Allam. In each session they were armed with new tips and tricks, from how to perfect lighting set-up, to adapting colour gradients to match their feeds, to improving the overall quality of their footage and refining sound syncing. Their editing journey was created to help support the creators in taking their viral-worthy content to new heights.

We caught up with a few of the creators to hear what new skills they’ll be taking forward following the training masterclasses.



Kicking off with Tega Alexander, who is best known for his humorous parodies and dance themed recordings, “I’ve never used Adobe Premiere Pro before, so even the introduction to the user interface has been very helpful. Moving forward I think I’ll find myself leaning heavily into the use of adjustment layers, especially when it comes to colour grading my content.”

“The most surprising thing for me was the fact that it is actually a lot more straightforward than it first appears”

@tegalexander, #LevelUpWithAdobe creator


It turns out Tega wasn’t the only one to find the colour grading useful, with travel diary duo Yaya and Lloyd from @handluggageonly also calling it out: “Being able to tell a story by perfectly timing to the beat really has the power to help the content come alive. Our cameras, great as they are, are no match for the naked eye and so being to colour-grade the videos to reflect what it was like in person has really helped push our content further.”

Over the year we’ve loved how the duo have managed to creatively adjust their content encouraging us to add new destinations and experiences to our bucket lists. Their secret: making older videos work harder…

“#LevelUpWithAdobe has helped us – especially as travel content creators who can’t travel to re-use our older video content to tell stories on TikTok. This has helped us open up a wealth of potential travel content ideas that we perhaps wouldn’t have considered just a few months ago.”

@handluggageonly, #LevelUpWithAdobe creators


This year has shown how agile and flexible content creators need to be and all the creators were unanimous in their agreement that the future of social content is short form. But they emphasised that to stand-out, you must deliver the storytelling & create quality content.

Cara, aka @caradowntonn, known for her epic make-up transformations said: “I think social video creations will be more satisfying, better quality and well edited. Of course, we can all be lazy at times, but everyone knows the harder work you put into editing, the more satisfying it will be to watch and will engage with the viewers more!”

“One thing I have noticed is that my content is more consistent now. Overall, they look more put together and professional. I’m enjoying my content more as I learn.”

@caradowntonn, #LevelUpWithAdobe creator


Professional photographer and filmmaker @tedhowells has found that the sessions have inspired him to expand outside of the native, built-in editing options on TikTok, “It has encouraged me to make the effort and use my proper camera and edit videos in Premiere Pro.”

@tedhowells, #LevelUpWithAdobe creator

With the creators having finished the series of workshops, we can’t wait to see what’s next in their creative journey. As part of TikTok’s #LearnOnTikTok initiative, Adobe hopes to arm them with the tools they need to take their social content to new heights.

If you feel inspired and want to take your content to the next level, find out how Adobe Premiere Pro can help you create showstopping social videos here.

And keep an eye out for our new #LevelUpWithAdobe series on TikTok LIVE over the next week, where you can follow the creators as they flex their new editing skills. You’ll also be able to show off your own skills and videos using #LevelUpWithAdobe on TikTok as part of our new challenge, live on the Discover page from 22nd May. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Source : Adobe

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